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  1. I tried your clocks with the stock voltage and the temps were great! Though due to the voltage being at stock, games would crash and revert to stock clocks after a while running. when I attempt to up the voltage, temps just seem to get significantly higher even with the smallest of voltage increase. Do you notice this yourself? Or is this a problem exclusive to me. Running 650m SLI.
  2. How so? I have svl's latest unlocked BIOS and the latest nvidia inspector, and anything to do with the fans are grayed out.
  3. Download CPU-Z here: CPU-Z CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting Once installed, run it and click the "Mainboard" tab, look under bios and it should have the version.
  4. After I bought the i5 version from newegg, by the time my y500 was delivered, the i7 version was on sale for the same price as I paid for the i5 (my luck ffs). So its my understanding that the models that come with i5 and i7 has different watt outputs? (please let me know, just double checking) So would I not get full power out of an i7? Is upgrading something that would be recommended?
  5. I find myself working around the new start interface, hardly use it ever. However people should keep this in mind, Windows 8.1 comes out June 26 which brings back the start button. So I am assuming this will make it easier for people who have a hard time adapting.
  6. When I was waiting on my y500 to come in the mail, one thing that was in my mind was whether or not to downgrade to windows 7. I decided that i'll give it the chance. I my y500 came in Friday, and well, have been using windows 8 with no problems at all. It seemed as everyone was just trashing and trashing windows 8. Crying about the lack of a start button and such. It is a change no doubt, and with change comes adaption, and I believe that is where people fall off at. They just can't adapt. I've been looking all over the web for tiny tips that will make windows 8 even better. tl;dr I have no issues, and will continue to use it.
  7. Just got my y500 Friday, hoping to dig deeper into its capabilites. Looking for a moded bios led me to this sight.. Which cooling pad is that by the way? And would you recommend it?
  8. Saw Fast and Furious 6 today.. It was good, but I think this series should die soon. The first one was the best in my opinion, how that could be nostalgia kicking in. The last two seemed to be very similar in the way of them having a team, and coming up with some extraordinary plan to get what they want. Its better than just a brain dead street racing movie.
  9. Brett here.... Was looking for a modified bios for my Lenovo y500, I found it. Though I can't download any of the attachments until I reach 5 posts. Hard to do without making pointless posts, heh... 1 down, 4 to go.
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