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    Re-pasting y510p

    I finally got around to repasting my y410p (very similar on tear down) and got some great results. CPU is temps dropped nearly 10c and GPU was a few C lower. This allowed me to bump up my throttlestop multiplier to 32T with 4 cores running (modified in XTU) while gaming. I run -80mv undervolt on the CPU and it hovers around 85 C while playing witcher 3. Made a huge difference while gaming. I used Gelid GC-Extreme and cleaned the old stuff off with articlean. Took about an hour to tear down and repaste, and the results were pretty much instant.
  2. So it's not something that is controlled by software in Windows then, so would it be something in the video bios that determines when to drop the frequency for the GPU?
  3. Wow, that is consuming some power! I'll try to see if I can do the same with a single GPU and 130 watt brick.
  4. Would there be any easy way to add a slim bluray burner into one of the caddy's? Lenovo wants way too much for the ultrabay addon.
  5. Throttlestop is great, it was the only way I could game on my Acer 3830tg, but the Y400 doesn't need it as much. I still run it to monitor temps though, I'm used to having temps in my toolbar now.
  6. Is it possible that running the fan that fast for extended periods of time could be harmful? I think you would be better off getting better cooling under the laptop instead of overdriving the fan.
  7. The intel graphics haven't been enabled, despite the option in the bios. Unfortunately it sounds like a hardware issue from what I've read, so we probably won't ever have Optimus switching with these laptops. Oh well.
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