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  1. sarlatan

    Re-pasting y510p

    Well 2°C here, 1°C there .... when we combine 10x methods maybe we will have some noticeable results
  2. sarlatan

    Re-pasting y510p

    10-15 °C difference - that is great! I would be even happy with 5 °C difference. Thanks for the link man.
  3. sarlatan

    Re-pasting y510p

    For people that have experience in re-pasting CPU, GPU + ultrabay GPU in y510p to give some more info: What paste have you used? What are expected gains in re-pasting(temps)? Is it hard to get to the CPU/GPU/ultrabay GPU? Thank you! P.S. I am planing to follow the instructions in: .
  4. I think that your output picture problem has nothing to do with BIOS. Please check this link: Screen Resolution Problem
  5. I ordered my NGFF SSD 128 GB and waiting for its arrival. Does anyone have any experience what is the best ratio of that drive to put in real partition vs cache part. Because i have read in some forums that 128 GB is overkill in using it all for just caching the HDD drive. I am probably going to go for 32 GB cache and 96 GB partition for windows unless you guys have some better advice?
  6. Hi all, i have read in this forum some great advises for my lenovo y510p and how to bypass his bad sides. So decided to join to try out the unlocked BIOS. Thank you all for your time in helping everyone here!
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