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  1. U need contact Klem, he made a bios with overlock feature. I flashed it and works fine for me.
  2. I bet u using windows 8.1. In win 8.1 u must update the 2nd card bios to work properly, and if u need oc the 2nd card u must search updated and unlocked oc bios for the ultrabay card. Someone in this thread posted a bios.
  3. I flashed this bios too. In this bios the ultrabay VGA has a different max clock then the integrated. integrated Max 790Mhz boost 835Mhz, Ulrabay max 836, boost 836. So when u overlock u need 46Mhz less in ultrabay card to get the same overlock speed in both card.... For example: U like to overclock booth card core spped to 1000Mhz in Nvidia inspector u need set card 0 +210Mhz, card 1 +164Mhz. PS: I think wee need pm KLEM to change the 650M vbios core clock to default state...
  4. Is there any chance to we get new modded vbios (for win 8.1)? Or im just blind and not find the new bios?
  5. Lenovo answer today: Hi All, I've just got an update and expecting the development team to release the vBios soon next week or two. Will update you guys later with the progress. Thanks! Regards, Cleo
  6. We got answer from lenovo, in official forum: All, I appreciate the frustration, and I know you have been working on this since September. That said, we couldn't escalate issues to engineering until Windows 8.1 became official. We passed that gate on the 17th, so it is fair game now. I saw your tweets, and also note that this thread has gone from 1 to 8 pages, driven by some very motivated folks. Please keep in mind that the forum is primarily peer to peer, and as you scan other boards, there are plenty of threads demanding Lenovo attention, so you aren't being deliberately ignored . I acknowledge your concerns and we'll try to help you get this solved. It may be that development teams already know about this - I'll need to look into it to see what is already in progress. We can open a new case based on this discussion. I think one of the recent comments urging a recap of the situation is helpful. We need to focus on how the Lenovo provided drivers don't work, and the symptoms - the 2nd card isn't recognized at all, doesn't work in games, produces blurry graphics etc. If you want to reference Nvidia OEM versions, that's great, but we can't focus the case on them since we support our versions. I appreciate your help. Thanks Mark
  7. What is the driver version in your machine? Because when i installed 320.49 then i can enable sli and work in 2d but after when i start a game it crash only restart works...
  8. milotait

    Windows 8.1

    If u wish run new games with SLI then dont update....
  9. Official answer from geforce forum posted by a moderator: ["ManuelG"] Changes to WIndows 8.1 and how it treats adapters connected to a display requires a VBIOS update for the 2nd GPU. You will need to contact Lenovo for this.
  10. There is already a thread: http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/4820-svl7-we-need-you-windows-8-1-a.html
  11. I think this is not a vbios problem....
  12. Lenovo answer today "http://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/nvga138w8164.exe" this put up 307.64 driver on win 8.1 and its work!!! I hope this is not the only solution because we dont have support for newer games....
  13. In 320.49 driver u can enable SLI but when u start 3d programs like games a few sec later system crash
  14. When you use optimized battery in leonovo energy management, then the system starting discharge your battery and after the battery reach 60% ur GPUs go up full speed. This is because the battery dosent have enough power for SLI at full speed.
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