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  1. yes a little higher than the non downsampling bios my card is perfectly stable at 1.2ghz 1,212v but I don't want to run that voltage everyday so lowered to 1150mhz 1.165v and is stable too
  2. Thanks svl7 the downsampling bios is awesome I can get higher overclocks now you think 1.212v is too much for 1200mhz 6500mhz? that's the voltage for gaming stable I can run benchmarks at lower volts but is not gaming stable my card has the Accelero x 3 intalled and max temp gaming is 64c fans running at full speed tried the afterburner trick just to stick with one app for overclocking monitoring but voltage won't change with afterburner no matter what is any way to make nvidia inspector to auto start with windows and apply overclock ? tried to put the exe at the startup folder but that doesn't work
  3. @svl7 the only vBIOS with UEFI enabled is the one on the Titan EVGA the one I have my question is if modding the vBIOS doesn't disable UEFI compatibility? because on my asus z77 board with W8 UEFI when I disable CSM for fast boot I can't make it to windows but I think the video card is working on UEFI mode because when booting is on full resolution I may need to reinstall W8 with CSM disabled
  4. My new Titan was going up and down with the factory vbios now with this vbios thanks to svl7 I can set it the way I want and stays that way all the time I can't thank enough svl7 for making my gaming pc better
  5. Have fun with the 680M Brian looks like an amazing card I am retired from mobile powerhouses at least for this year I made a bad decision and purchased a crossfire system not knowing what nightmare that would bring I just build a micro ATX pc with Asus GTX680 TOP and yeah kepler is a good overclocker and performer I want to wait for Haswell and probably Maxwell next year to buy a new laptop i hope to resist the temptation
  6. Not to many impressive things happen on this Forum but this is big man you unlock the voltage on hardware level I scare to do this myself and kill my cards you deserve a lot of credit for this
  7. Thanks , from here free shipping CFWrap | Best Carbon Fiber Farbic Trim Wrap DIY in the World!
  8. Thanks man I am just learning all this stuff about the vinyls and films you know my job is more like Custom paint jobs" and i know you are the Man for vinyl application I can't see your username because i like my brightness max out and yellow disappears but it won't matter because your avatar talks itself
  9. I don't think so if you use a hair dryer and slowly remove the film if some leftover adhesive is left you can use rubbing alcohol PD: in the worst case you can call DELL and tell them your touch pad stop working
  10. Thanks, it was kind of hard but not that much with the right tool Amazon.com: Grizzly H7696 Scalpel with 2 Blades: Home Improvement
  11. Usually i mod my Alienware's to make them unique but in the case of the M18X is not much i can do because i love the Gunmetal" color so the only thing i tough would be good and protect the machine was this carbon fiber vinyl over the palmrest I didn't realize how good it feels and look until i install it makes the palmrest a lot better than the stock because is not sticky and there is no more fingerprints all over the place also protect the finish what i think is really important for a lot of people
  12. No problem wish i can help more the community Lol....... Thanks an Arriba!
  13. Hi guys i don't post much because i usually read and find solutions but this time i don't know what to do the machine it's been great so far i had couple problems already solved like #1 palm rest getting hot : Solved by replacing with SSD #2 BSOD's at startup : Solved by uninstalling intel rapid storage drivers note: my SSD is a patriot inferno 120GB sandforce controller sf-1222 for reference #3 Refresh Rate going back to 40HZ on battery : solved by installing latest intel IGP drivers #4 Low transfer speed on secondary HDD installed on the ODD caddy the transfers start good and slowly go down to 5MB i test the drive with an external docking station and it works perfect so the problem is on the caddy i don't know if is a power issue on is not compatible with Sata 3 ,don't even know if the optical drive connector is sata 3 but my drive is a samsung spinpoint sata 2 : no solution yet i need the space because all my games are on the HDD and only couple on the SSD
  14. I will like to see your guide soon that will be a nice project for the weekend
  15. I vote Steven:78: "¡Andale! ¡Andale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Yii-hah!"
  16. Just a reminder for those with sandforce based SSD's don't install intel rapid storage drivers because the computer will bluescreen at windows login even on safe mode
  17. After 11 Days of use i returned my R3 to Dell why because of 4 problems Keyboard flex Service access panel flex , is build to cheap screen lid bent every time i open the laptop Battery loose i can't complaint about performance because is amazing but on the build quality even the Asus G73 is build better sorry guys if this is not what you want to hear but is my experience
  18. yeah is off a little but what you guys think about this screen overall for me seems to be pretty close to the B+RG on the studios ones you crank up the saturation this screen looks beautiful
  19. And even more exiting he's card beat the 485m eyes closed lol, i run wprime just when i got the machine but i forget the score i will run it today when i get off
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