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    Hi, I have a Y580 with the 8.01 modded bios. I use a BCM4352 (Bcm94352hmb) wireless-ac card because it works in Windows, Linux and Hackintosh. Main o/s is linux and it switches perfectly between low band and high band. I used to use this with the 2.07 bios too, so I know it works with that version too. This card has bluetooth 4.0 built in to it, but I could never get it to be recognised. The bluetooth card inside the laptop is old and slow now, so I use a USB BT 4.2 dongle for BT. Maybe there are other wifi cards that are dual-band where the BT is recognised by the Y580 - if so, let me know! Good luck
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    God, I am blind, I was looking on that. Thank you very much!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Files contained in this archive: Fptw64_(8_series).zip Lenovo_Y510p-Y410p_[v1.07][v1.09][v1.10]_BiosFixer.zip Lenovo_Y510p-Y410p_[v3.05]_modified.zip Y510p-Y410p_[v2.04][v2.07]_BiosFixer_(Whitelist only).zip Y510p-Y410p_v207_[stock].zip For information on how to use the files in this archive, see here: My donation link in case you want to buy me a beer


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    I notice that the Ultra bay VBIOS is of a newer version than the "main" GPU (xx.11 vs xx.07). Is it possible to upgrade the main GPU with the same ROM?
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    Hi, Ultrabay has to be updated, since this mod is covering gpu bios unlock as well, and system bios doesn't containing that. Probably off topic here... svl7! Is there a way, to further unlock vga bios? Talking about allowing on the fly software modification of TDP limits of cards, with like Afterburner. The reason behind this is the following: Kepler voltage is automatic, probably based on a voltage table, maybe linked to ASIC quality too. If you set 1058 mhz, it will run at 1058, with for example 1.056V. If you set it to +135 which is 1189 it will run at that speed, with 1.056V. But, if you set it to throttle back, temp or TDP or usage limit, it will throttle voltage too, and will run stable at 1058mhz with 1.006V. Temp limit is kinda hard to choose, to maintain a stable clock speed, but TDP limit could be. Or a direct way to edit that voltage table, or be able to offset to negative values. As seen on attached screens, ultrabay bios can be set to negative offset, but this offset is too low, still higher voltage, idle, load, whatever. Integrated card can just be offseted to positive values. Did a quick factory/modded ultraby bios compare in kepler bios editor, attached it via picture, some features still locked. Unfortunately Svet's bios editor from MSI HQ is currently not supporting these cards. With this, maybe we can shave a few degree from gpu temperature. Thanks!
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