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  1. Sleep now works again! The sleep problem with AC7260 and Bluetooth now seems to have been fixed, thanks to driver version 16.6.0. :-)
  2. No, I don't think so. My computer still won't sleep (running 8.1 and the latest drivers). However, I've found a workaround: disable the Bluetooth driver, but since I use Bluetooth it's kind of a hassle. If someone has found a solution please tell me
  3. I tried the VBIOS update and it seems to work with my modded BIOS. My AC7260 card still works and I have SLI with the newest driver. Of course, I might have broken something else, so your mileage may vary. However I think it makes sense since the WLAN whitelisting is in the BIOS and this update only touches the VBIOS.
  4. No luck for me. The 3.1.1307 bluetooth driver seems to be hard to find on Lenovo's support site, but Google brought me to Intel Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter Software - ThinkPad L440, L540 where it can be downloaded. But the driver still fails to make the computer go to sleep.
  5. I think I've solved it, at least partially. Go to the Device Manager -> Bluetooth and disable the "Intel Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 + HS Adapter". Now the computer sleeps properly again. I'm not sure though if the problem is with the BIOS or with the Bluetooth driver itself. Changing various settings in the BIOS as well as some of the AC7260 advanced properties in the Device Manager did not do anything however.
  6. I notice that the Ultra bay VBIOS is of a newer version than the "main" GPU (xx.11 vs xx.07). Is it possible to upgrade the main GPU with the same ROM?
  7. Here you go. Hope you don't mind the masking of SN, UUID and MAC address.
  8. Do you mean screenshots (well, photos I guess) from the BIOS setup menu? Anything in particular?
  9. Another FLASHGEN.BIN from a Y510p with an Ultrabay GPU. FLASHGEN.zip GPU-Z screenshots:
  10. Thank you for all your effort. I'm still considering if I would risk bricking my system, but your solution looks very promising indeed. However, FPT_BAK3264_4.zip seems to be corrupt. Can you upload it again?
  11. @Sh3rl0q: How are things going? Did you get the universal bios programmer? Anything we can do to help you?
  12. Is a ThrottleStop version with Haswell support publicly available? I can't find the 6.00 beta 1 version and the 5.10 beta has expired.
  13. Hi Have any one else of you Y510p owners seen any problems with the laptop not turbo boosting? I experience similar problems and am a bit stuck right now. Has anyone looked into it? The ThrottleStop author seems to imply that this is by design, what do you guys and gals think? I don't have access to my laptop right now, but I'll check later what the Intel XTU software can do.