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    Version 1.0.0


    Files contained in this archive: ms_gx740.zip MSI 16F1 Unlocked.zip MSI 1762 Unlocked.zip MSI GT60 Unlocked.zip MSI GT70 Unlocked.zip MSI GT683 Unlocked.zip MSI GT783 Unlocked.zip MSI MS-16F2 Unlocked.zip MSI MS-1761 Unlocked.zip SecondGenAMDAPU.zip Should I Flash These BIOS? See thread link below to learn which notebooks these bios files should be used with. Who this does NOT apply to: - If you are afraid to brick your notebook, this is NOT for you. There is always a possibility for errors and accidents to occur. - If you do not understand what any or most of these acronyms mean, this is NOT for you. You will probably find little use for the unlocked features and the potential for risk is much greater than the reward. Who this applies to: - If you have an understanding of most of this thread and are willing to learn, continue reading. - If you are an enthusiast who loves modding and overclocking and have experience with this field, continue reading. Features: So what are these features that MSI had locked out? A short list would include:* - XMP RAM support (Up to 2133Mhz) [Warning: 4 DIMMs at 1866Mhz(+) may not be stable, 2 DIMMs are stable at 2133Mhz]. - BCLK Overclocking (Up to 5%, your mileage may vary, no guarantees). - TPL limits unlocked (With the combination of ThrottleStop, CPU throttling can be overcome). To learn more about how to use the files in this archive, please visit the thread below:


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    Time to revive this thread a bit: First of all I would like to thank all of you for your (mostly ) helpful contributions. I'm now myself working with this topic. My graphics card broke down in my M17 R4 and I bought me a new GTX 870M. After studying what's written here and in other forums I'm now going to flash my BIOS to the standard A11 version. After that I will let you know how it worked out and tell you something about my next steps... Thesen
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    I'll answer this one for myself: the tools are still properly linked in: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/1870-flash-modified-biosuefi-which-are-digitally-signed-circumvent-secure-flash/.
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    how come i cant install the a10 bios on my m17xr4 keeps on telling me invalid frimware.. Edited-- i tried doing blind flashing keeps telling me error 28 protected range users any tips how to by pass this? i need the unlocked bios badly to install GTX980m on my m17xr4 thanks 2nd Edit-- weeew noob mistake guys i forgot to run prr2 before flashing. A11 works fine now thanks
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    @Suntor This has requested many times, but the consensus seems to be that, on account of no new features of note having apparently been introduced in A12 or A13, the answer is no. @svl7 Sorry to ask twice, but I didn't find an answer in any of the pages of this thread before or after last September (when I last mentioned it): is there a way to expose and control the AC adapter’s authentication handshake? Would this be possible using either the current A11 modified BIOS, or maybe with some (guided) modifications to it? I would do this myself if I knew what to look for, and would of course be able to test the changes to whatever BIOS was necessary. I'm on my second 240W AC adapter from Dell, and it recently quit working just like the last one did. I'm a few months out of warranty at this point though, which means having to pay about $65 USD to buy a third 240W, which is just as liable stop functioning properly in the same manner. I’ve used both Flextronics and Delta adapters, with two different motherboards, but still inevitably have the same issue. The BIOS no longer recognize it as a 240W adapter, and as such refuses to either charge the battery or run the CPU and GPU at full clocks. The problem seems to lie in a failure of a parasitically powered ID chip in the adapter itself (which is delivered by the middle pin visible when looking down the plug). I don’t know if the authentication is too much of a hardware-level thing unfortunately, but there is some information about how Dell’s ID chip works with these adapters here: 330 Watt power supply for Alienware M17x » imsolidstate 330W power supply for M17x update » imsolidstate http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m17x-aw-17/1948-240w-psu-id-chip-330w-psu-2.html http://web.archive.org/web/20130102101025/http://www.laptops-battery.co.uk/blog/dell-ac-power-adapter-type-cannot-be-determined-solution/
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    @svl7 Sorry if this has already been asked, but is there a way to expose the AC adapter authentication handshake? The ID chip in the 240W adapters doesn't always work perfectly, and so it would be a lot more reliable to just be able to force the motherboard to accept the brick as a Dell 240W explicitly.
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