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  1. Saw this today, immediately after applying the anniversary update (of course). I nearly shit a brick... then I re-installed the video driver (using the normal method of disabling driver signing). I was able to restart normally afterward, and the driver loaded correctly. A brief test of Overwatch looked normal. A brief test on a VR headset looked normal. I'll post back if I see anything unusual, but it looks fine. Consider imaging your drive just in case. (M17X R4 980m using @J95's 369.05 driver -- I'll try my M15X 680m later if I'm feeling brave) Edit: Taking a moment to read, there are a number of caveats and exceptions to the new policy. Consider disabling Secure Boot if you've not done so all ready: (from http://www.thewindowsclub.com/driver-signing-changes-windows-10)
  2. Does anyone know if Maxwell II BIOS Tweaker is compatible with the 980m? Though it can certainly read and change values, I'm not certain it creates a valid rom for mxm cards.
  3. Hi, @phobos_1984 -- AFAIK that message is normal on the R4 when flashing Clevo vbios...s.
  4. Hi, @vmt8 - all vbios packages from Premamod come with a flashing utility and instructions. Just pull down the package you need and read the README.txt.
  5. Hi, @Freakel_Sneak - AFAIK, all AW 15 and 17 units from 2014 onwards use soldered chips and gpus. If you're unsure, open up the bottom and look for a distinct card, separate from the motherboard, about the size of two playing cards side by side.
  6. Hi. @Prema - Did you ever make a low-voltage version of your 980m vbios? I ask because I'm testing out a theory regarding the later nvidia drivers and the M17X R4. When I say low-voltage, I'm thinking something like 1035 @ 0.975v (if that would even run). PM me if you want to hear the story (as it's probably pretty far off topic).
  7. Does anyone know if a low voltage version of the 980m vbios was ever released? I'm chasing a throttling issue on the M17X R4 and want to test a theory... I think this would be @svl7 and @Klem if no one else chimes in.
  8. @J95 Are you able to share at all what mods you did to the 353.06 peg_mod driver? I'm wondering if the same mods can be applied to a more recent driver like 359.06 (and beyond). Your 353.06 driver seems to be the only one that I can use without the 980m's clock bottoming out to 324mhz (and staying bottomed out) when it hits P1 with a high GPU load.
  9. Hi, all. I'm currently using a 980m in an M17X R4 (w/Premamod vbios, card from Lee James Wood / Woodzstack). In testing, it seems like J95's 353 driver is the last one that can staunch the throttle issues (via p-state matching). Drivers like 358.50, 359.06/359.12 etc all seem to come with incurable radical throttling (dipping and often staying at 324mhz on the clock when load is somewhere beyond 90%). Is this about the shape of things now? Also, has anyone heard of another vbios on the horizon?
  10. I'll answer this one for myself: the tools are still properly linked in: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/1870-flash-modified-biosuefi-which-are-digitally-signed-circumvent-secure-flash/.
  11. I completed this mod also. It's a significant boost to cooling power (at the expense of noise) and makes for much more comfortable overclocking on the 3920xm. I ended up using brass tabs (straightened picture hangers) as retention clips mounted to the original screw mounts. Note that I also used double-sided, heat-resistant foam tape on the underside of the fan, making for a very secure mount.
  12. I'm looking at flashing my 680m to an unlocked vbios and I noticed that there are two distinct variants - and 80.04.5B.00.02. Now, as far as I know, "5B" is based on a newer version of the vbios with proper UEFI protocols in place (such that you can use it in full UEFI in peg/dedicated mode without having to load the legacy option rom). Can this version be flashed onto a card that shipped with the older "33" vbios or was there an actual change in the card? This may be a question for @svl7
  13. There can be a lot of attachment/emotion invested into a machine that you've used day in/out for years. That said, it can be hard to let go! Now, unless you're doing something incredibly CPU intensive, upgrading your GPUs will achieve what you're looking for - I hear a lot of m15x laptops are still in service with xm cpus and upgraded gpus. That said, this should be weighed against what is happening in the desktop replacement segment... Eurocom is doing some crazy things with the Sky X9...
  14. I'm very excited to try out one a new vBios. I spent the last couple of years catching up on my back-log (so I didn't notice anything lacking... until now). That said, Has anyone noticed any significant temperature changes on the m17x r4 with the minor vcore voltage bump?
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