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    @choraltrickster To address your concerns; your chosen hardware should be good enough (though I would push for a GTX 9XX series card, but if you got a price you cant resist then go for it), as for the PCIe concerns, it matters not what PCIe version your laptop is and your chosen eGPU is, which ever card you use would just operate at PCIe 2.0 at 1x speed. Using high textures would impact frames in triple A games so look out for that.
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    to allow upgrade cards to work. a 1070 doesn't work with the stock driver because it does an ID check before installing in a P870DM-G, but use a modded driver and it works.
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    With stock bios, overclocked with IXTU cache voltage at - 75 full load 81 C. GPU1 65C and ultrabay 70, usually there is 6'C difference between them, the latter running hotter.(full load +135 MHZ,) Second GPU gives me Video management internal after sleep/hibernate though. I have put a button on each brown wire if things get hairy.
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    the thermal adhesive seems to be working well at holding down the heatsinks. the thermal tape just didn't have enough stickiness to stay on and a heatsink would get loose when i would reopen the laptop to see just how effective the adhesion was and, as said, it wasn't great. So I used Arctic Silver Alumina thermal adhesive to attach the heatsinks to the exposed chips. I figured I may as well since I am not gonna resell the part later on so sticking it on was a good choice. None of the adhesive went onto other components on the board and it looks pretty clean. That being said the temps were pretty much the same as the 3 pipe 980M heatsink. On cool days the idle temp was 29 C but on hot days it can go up to at least 34-35 with fans at 100%. the load temps were also higher due to higher ambient temps so BF1 would hit about 68 C which is about 3-4 C higher than on a cool day. the temps haven't gone completely nuts post modification but have pretty much stayed the same as the 980M heatsink.
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    About modding the 980DT heat sink, please take a look of the picture below (corner was cut out already). You can compare with yours and see the changes. If you align the MSI 1070 with the 980DT heat sink, you will find those power phases popping the copper panel and preventing the GPU core from making good contact with the heat sink. Especially the individual one in the corner. I used a hacksaw to cut out the corner, and used the 400 sandpaper to deep-sand the places that I circled, following with refined sanding using 800-grit paper and 2000 grit for polishing. This required a lot of works, I would say adding extra (maybe 3) heat pipes on top of the 980M heat sink would be much easier if you don't want the trouble. About the vbios of the 1070, I will recommend to wait for what @prema might come up later or a modded nvflash. Because at this moment, as I know, any modification of the pascal vbios cannot bypass the nvflash and requires a programmer to program it. This involves extra spending in a programmer and higher risk of bricking a card easily. I can't provide the vbios because it's not my property. I found it in a chinese forum; if you search "vBIOS硬刷 Pascal GTX1060/70/80" in google, maybe you will find the original thread. The below post by Dreamonic is a reference of editing the pascal vbios using hex-editor, I tried to mod it by myself and resulted in black screen on boot, not sure what is the cause. http://www.techinferno.com/haven/threads/94/
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    Version 1.0.0


    Files contained in this archive: [Y580][Y480]-'unlocked_BIOS'_660mGHzEdition_WhitelistMod.zip 'Error 104' - fix.zip Lenovo Y580 - Y480 BIOS v8.00 (5DCN90WW) - Mod.zip Lenovo Y580 - Y480 BIOS v8.01 (5DCN90WW) - Mod.zip Lenovo_Y480_Y580_-_BIOS_V.206_[unlocked].zip Lenovo_Y480_Y580_-_BIOS_V.206_[unlocked][no whitelist].zip Y580-Y480_BiosFix.zip fpt-dos.zip fptw64.zip prr2.zip For information on how to use the files in this archive, see here: My donation link in case you want to buy me a beer


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