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  1. It has improved performance now since the first day I had it. The system is stable, unless I undervolt too much or overclock the memory over +50 mhz. Games run better, those who support SLI, I always use msi afterburner to max out the core frequency +135 mhz without thermal problems after the mods. Stock was a mess, ultrabay GPU always went up to 95'C, main GPU and CPU were around 85'C 90'C. Now Ultrabay stays at 75-80'C, main GPU and CPU 70'C. I keep the CPU at 2.7 ghz.
  2. With stock bios, overclocked with IXTU cache voltage at - 75 full load 81 C. GPU1 65C and ultrabay 70, usually there is 6'C difference between them, the latter running hotter.(full load +135 MHZ,) Second GPU gives me Video management internal after sleep/hibernate though. I have put a button on each brown wire if things get hairy.
  3. Last time I removed the keyboard it really gave me very bad temps.I also put paste on that part of the heatsink.
  4. So many views but no one helping, not even a single advice. Detailed bsod in the capture
  5. I recently re-pasted my second gpu after seeing that high temperature, in some instances it would shoot right up to 90C and slowly getting to 99C. So I re-paste it, it was complete mess, paste as overflowed under the plastic sticker that was there. The process had good and bad results, gpu temperature readies are very, very good, Zombie army trilogy maxed out it stays at 70, at idle is 26C right now, main GPU is 31 and CPU 40. The bad part every time I wake the pc up from hibernation or sleep, it causes VIDEO MANAGEMENT INTERNAL BSOD. RE-installed drivers with DDU. Sometime between the re-pasting and re-installing i had a Unauthorized slave vga present after lenovo logo. If I disable SLI in Nvidia and the disable the gpu in device manager, sleep and hibernation work properly but when i try to enable it it gives code 31. In short, The card works better as I used kombustor to stress it for a while. Gup causes Video Management Internal on wake up. If i disable it, I cant enable it because it reports code 31. In BlueScreenView I see, Caused by driver watchdog.sys, caused by address watchdog.sys+34ae, bug check is 0x000010e, parameter 1 is 0`02d. directx Graphics MMS and watch dog driver. try'd in another Windows 10 and has the same problem. Other things I did was to move the boot device . Runing Stock 3 05 BIOS, updated the VBIOS from lenovo, Windows 10 x64.
  6. When I try to make a bootable drive , for the VBIOS flash, I get the error "failed to format device". When I try to make a backup of my bios, i get Fwtp64 not recognized as an internal or external command, operable batch or program. Running Windows 10 64 , 3.05 bios.
  7. Failed to format the device . when trying to flash VBIOS on windows 10. Trying to run the bat file with admin cmd gives error, Fwtp64 not recognized as an internal or external command, operable batch or program.
  8. If you disassemble it, also watch the connections. Do you got a recovery button/pin you can push?
  9. Clean it, mine has issues when is dirty or it has loose connections , try to run Elan or synaptics on W7 after you close it completely .
  10. AndreiKan

    fan problem

    Brown wire switch mod, buy a flat little button and putt it somewhere under the laptop, a place where you can access it witch your finger, put it on the sides.... Mines are on the right side by the speaker.
  11. What about overclock it a bit and see what happens, my y510p suffers some 0,5-1 second freezes in some games, i suspect my CPU spikes to 100C, really strange, sometimes my CPU just spikes down to 700 mhz. Can you attach another Display to your lappy and monitor your CPU GPU?
  12. I think my heat problem with the laptop is that my ambient temp is 33C. The best solution for this laptop is, gaming in a industrial fridge, or gaming outside at -10C in the winter.
  13. Is it possible to get this to a 3,4 way SLI? because people in my country sell GT 750Ms with 70-90 $. With eGpu bridge.
  14. Is the y500 fan better than the one from y510p? I mean the fan from the y510p has more fins. If the y500 fan is better, ill buy 2 of those and mod them to my laptop.
  15. My heat sink moves if i press lightly with my finger on the North bridge area, is it normal to be able to push it like that? If I hold it pressed like that, i thing my temps get higher. Does the heat sink move on the area of screw 6? or it rigid? how can I tell i need this spacer mod?
  16. The Keyboard is the same with the y510p one? Also what thickness are the thermal pads, I want to change all of mine.
  17. I cant wait to mod my bios, cant stand out 51C on Idle and 95 on stress test on XTU. Im planning to mod the bios, lower voltages, change the thermal paste and pads, do the spring mod. I did open up the laptop better for cooling, like the whole heatsinis exposed and added switches to the brown wires.
  18. 1)Are those 500 mhz worth? 2)What temps are you getting? 3)Its a Haswell?
  19. I just soldered 2 buttons to my fans and stiked them wit superglue on the right side of the laptop, im planing to put 2 very very small buttons, if I find any of them.
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