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  1. @choraltrickster Is it crashing with other games? You got Crysis or some other GPU intensive game? Try other games and see if the problem persist, but from the initial symptoms it can be a power problem. Try reducing the power limit from 100% to 80% using MSI afterburner and see how things run.
  2. @namerder7 Yes this is a known issue of the eGPU setup, You require a software called setup 1.3 to fix this issue (yes it will cost you). Its something to do with how the system allocated system resources. Something you can try in the mean time with all your RAM is hotswapping the eGPU.
  3. @grayson72 Stated power needs on NVIDIA site for a card is the power needed for the entire system, not just the card, so his power supply should be adequate. @spartan463 You should not rule out your PSU just yet, see if your brother is willing to lend you his PSU to run the card in your eGPU setup. if you use his 375W PSU and it runs fine for however long then maybe your PSU (on your current eGPU build) might be going bad.
  4. @choraltrickster To address your concerns; your chosen hardware should be good enough (though I would push for a GTX 9XX series card, but if you got a price you cant resist then go for it), as for the PCIe concerns, it matters not what PCIe version your laptop is and your chosen eGPU is, which ever card you use would just operate at PCIe 2.0 at 1x speed. Using high textures would impact frames in triple A games so look out for that.
  5. @spartan463 If you have MSI afterburner installed, can you drop the power limit from 100% to 80% just as a test and see if it crashes, I had that issue and dropping mines to 95% fixed the issue (don't worry, there won't be any noticeable performance drop).
  6. hmmm it seems that the name I had stated in this reply got censored, maybe you have to check someone else about using setup 1.x
  7. @Arbystrider Mind posting a link to show this (for my knowledge), I know that Kepler chips was getting DX12 support but OPTIMUS is another thing. For cards between the GTX 500 series and the GTX 800 series, only the mobile versions support OPTIMUS. Only until the GTX 900 series when the full fat desktop GPU's was being put into laptop that both variants had to support OPTIMUS, and now that the GTX 1000 series no longer has a mobile variant, it to has to support OPTIMUS natively. But please enlighten me with a link or two. @Draqen If you try to hot swap back from your GPU to your wifi card, the computer would give errors. Setup 1. suppose to alleviate this problem of hotswapping, you might have to find ****** and talk to him about it.
  8. @Arbystrider The information I quoted was straight from NVIDIA site, check it out here . Mind you cards that run the GTX XXXm (the "M" is what I am looking at here) had OPTIMUS supported from the GTX 500m series and up. The GTS XXX cards was not quoted in that list but I did read somewhere that some of them supported it.
  9. @tiubxray Sorry for putting you in a tail spin, but I should have done my research before informing you. The gt 500m series and up, and the the GTX 800m series and up and the GTX 900, 1000 series and up support OPTIMUS . For more information check out NVIDIA official list of OPTIMUS supported cards. P.S. I initially though it was the GTX 600 and up that supported the OPTIMUS, but I was wrong, so that means your GTX 760 does not support OPTIMUS, was again sorry for putting you in a tail spin.
  10. @tiubxray Its not necessarily the laptop but the GPU that would have to support the OPTIMUS. If ever in the future you upgrade your eGPU to something like a GTX750ti or something like that, you would be able to use your internal laptop screen. Note: Using internal screens drops the performance, go with a GPU with about 4GB of VRAM (if you are ever looking to upgrade) and using eGPU solution would have issues with DX12 and VULKAN games as the game leverages more CPU into the mix and requires more PCIe bandwidth (which on a 1x slot is very limited).
  11. @tiubxray Sadly you may not be able to use your internal screen. You need NVIDIA OPTIMUS to do this and it is only supported on what I believe to be GTX 6XX cards and up. Maybe there is some possible work around, but the proper way to do it is via OPTIMUS (that's how laptops with NVIDIA GPU's can display on both its internal and external monitors).
  12. @tiubxray Are you sure your laptop GPU is properly disabled, if you are seeing it in your device manager it is not disabled properly. However, to display to your external screen, press (windows key + P) and select external monitor; or you can go into NVIDIA control panel and select the external display.
  13. @tiubxray Hmm strange, if your setup is working somewhat and you don't want to mess with it then leave it, if you want to tinker a bit here is what I would do since something seems off with the sleep option. Sleep option seems to require some sort of GPU either integrated or dedicated; if when you uninstall the dedicated GPU drivers and the sleep option goes away it would be that you do not have an integrated GPU installed. (I am assuming you have Intel) Go to intel drivers site and see what drivers there are (HD XXXX graphics drivers that is) and install it, to know if it has installed properly there should be an option for intel graphics somewhere about on your system. Once this is good (you have integrated graphics running) uninstall all GPU drivers (not the Intel graphics though) and repeat the hotswap process and see what happens. That last thing you state is about the GPU's fighting for PCIe bandwidth, if you right click and view properties on either of them you would see error 12. Try what I mentioned above and see if it resolves the error 12, if not we message back. P.S. Its always useful to include your full system specs, it makes troubleshooting easier.
  14. @tiubxray Try hot swaping the GPU into the system: Directions for hotswaping: -Start your laptop as normal with your wifi card in the system -Once the laptop has started and within windows, put the laptop to sleep -Once the laptop is asleep, remove the wifi-card and put in the mCPIe cable into the slot -Once you are assured everything is plugged in correctly wake the laptop -If the laptop starts and the GPU coughs into live you are good; if you get a black screen something is not right
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