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    Download the original Alienware unmodded A03 bios from Dell at Drivers and Downloads | Dell [united States] The file is named "M18R2A03WIN" Extract the contents of M18R2A03WIN to a new folder named "Alienware recovery" anywhere on your useable computer. In there you should have a bunch of files. (9 in total) Look for the one called QBR10EC.fd Rename this file to M18R2.hdr Place the file M18R2.hdr on a formatted fat32 usb stick on its own. Thats it. Blind created Recovery process: To do the recovery process you need to remove your m18x r2 battery. Unplug the back power cord as well Plug the usb stick with the file M18R2.hdr in the M18X's e-sata port Now hold down the END key (located above the numbers key pad) at the same time while your holding the END key plug in the power cord only, you will hear the fans turn on full bolt. Release the end key and wait After a few seconds once the file is read from the USB stick you will hear 20 or 30 beeps (sounds like a garbage truck reversing) After the beeps stop the m18x will shut down and reboot itself. ( 1 or 2 times depending) Once reboot all will be back to normal A03 bios. Connect the battery back if you wish after successful boot.. That's all folks, things should work now unless you bricked the EC controller, which is hard to do.
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    I have installed a 8970M from a Clevo barebone P170SM (VBIOS BR44465.003). Computer booted unfortunately without an LCD issue. I flashed the VBIOS blind, with the version BR44618.001 (Non-Enduro VBIOS). After a reboot, I have finally an output on the LCD screen. I am on A10 Unlocked bios and fans are working auto. I've done Prolimatech PK-3 Nano Aluminium thermal paste on the GPU cores, GPU memory chips and the inductors, Phobya Thermal pad Ultra 5W/mk on the MOSFETs. Idle temperatures are 34° (GPU sensor), 32° (Dell sensor) at 1400 RPM (HWInfo64). Without HWInfo64 the fans go out at these temperatures and start at 55° again. Alienware stands on a notebook cooler without a fan.
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    Ebay screens are often scams where they mislead you into the wrong screen. If you just want a cheap screen it's fine, but if you're going for a high end screen you need to be careful. Bad listings are ones that list more than 1 model, or say "compatible". Look for listings that say "exact model", and list exactly and only what you want if you want a good screen. Here is an example of a scam listing: New AU Optronics B156HW01 V 4 LCD Screen 15 6" Full HD LED | eBay
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    Woot, working perfectly. Tried the only 36bit option avaliable for PCI compaction, choose only to compact egpu. And there it is. A 3DM11 link to proof AMD Radeon R9 270X video card benchmark result - Intel Core i5-3210M Processor,Acer VA50_HC_CR My setup: Acer V3-571 (Intel HD only) + PE4H mpcie + Radeon 270X Thanks Tech Inferno Fan
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    Introduction - Just convenient! Ever since I installed my SSD raid my original HDD has just been laying around collecting dust. I like the thought of being able too boot a secondary OS from the hard drive w/o messing with my raid config, Personally there are a couple of applications that immediately comes to mind: Secondary boot option: For a while I really wanted to test out Win8.1, maybe and even OSX, Pretty fast file transfers: Look at the results The notoriously large steam folder? Now I need to find a mSATAp to USB3.0 adapter that actually works! Instructions What do I need? $4 - eSATAp to SATA cable $4 - USB 2.5" HDD enclosure $5 - (optional) USB 3.0 to eSATA adapter <- Turns out this is just crap, doesn't work for mSATAp $? - 2.5" SATA drive $1 - Electrical tape Installation Remove the USB-interface completely from the enclosure (leaving an open end) Connect the eSATA cable to HDD Wrap each short end of the HDD with a cut out stripe of bubble wrap and secure it tight with electrical tape Now the HDD should fit real snugly into the enclosure (should be a little struggle) Thats it! IDEA: By carving hole for the eSATA cable in the unused USB face plate you can make this even nicer! Results The enclosure: eSATA benchmark: AS SSD & CrystalDiskMark USB 3.0 benchmark: AS SSD & CrystalDiskMark in progress Interrupted boot: You can see that our system is capable of eSATA boot eSATA OS boot: in progress
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    In Setup 1.30 highlight PCI compaction->Run compact, then hit F1. Over 20 different compaction configurations will be presented. Worth through them one by one until you have a completely successful compaction without a hang afterwards where you can chainload and see the eGPU without error 12. If you have an older version of Setup 1.x then obtain Setup 1.30 as it has corrected serious bugs with PCI compaction.
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    so i finally got the liquid ultra and did a repaste job on my 4930mx, as well as i repasted both 780m's with ICD24. here is a 3DMark11 run with the same settings (cpu @4.0GHz - GPUs +80 / +100 since this is my 24/7 setting). check the temps ^^
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