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  1. Please clear your inbox, I have been trying for 2 weeks to get a response from you, thanks!

  2. svl7 I have been trying to send you a private message, but your inbox is full. I need a small favor, sent you message 2 weeks ago.
  3. yep, on A03 with new 11.6 OROM, was on modded A03 with OROM 11.5.. here is what i did; i moved M18xR2_new.bin from your new DL for the 11.6 A03, to my saved A03 11.5 OROM dir. I then renamed M18xR2_new.bin to QBR10EC.fd and it flashed fine. follow?
  4. Nevermind, I fixed it by moving the bin file to the old A03 mod with orom 11.5, deleting the old modded bios, then renaming the bin file to the proper name - working. U might have forgot Svl7 to do that in the mod.. Thanks though, everything working fine, and bench marking faster!
  5. you are welcome; I had a bad flash and had to figure out the rescue file name so might as well share the love!
  6. Working fine! good job, I need to get myself a perma membership here-- donate.. I will report results when I find the right 11.5 driver.
  7. Not yet because 1. those drivers were removed from Intel's site, I have the 11.2 installed.. is there an official 11.5 driver out yet or one that does not have the reported memory leak?
  8. working, but now everything is back to stock -- I think you added this to the stock A03, not the modded one Can you add it to the modded one? would really be cool, thanks!
  9. Pretty much it, read my entire post on Bios Emergency recovery on the main M18X page here.
  10. bad flash, did in windows and the video just went black blank. 2nd time i did it it worked. the 2nd time I shut down every single program I could that was running in the background. I hate Insyde bios window flashing. I posted on main board a process to recover from a bad flash provided one did not brick the EC controller-- then it's A dead board-- needs service call then-- no power up. If it powers up, chances are it can be saved.
  11. Download the original Alienware unmodded A03 bios from Dell at Drivers and Downloads | Dell [united States] The file is named "M18R2A03WIN" Extract the contents of M18R2A03WIN to a new folder named "Alienware recovery" anywhere on your useable computer. In there you should have a bunch of files. (9 in total) Look for the one called QBR10EC.fd Rename this file to M18R2.hdr Place the file M18R2.hdr on a formatted fat32 usb stick on its own. Thats it. Blind created Recovery process: To do the recovery process you need to remove your m18x r2 battery. Unplug the back power cord as well Plug the usb stick with the file M18R2.hdr in the M18X's e-sata port Now hold down the END key (located above the numbers key pad) at the same time while your holding the END key plug in the power cord only, you will hear the fans turn on full bolt. Release the end key and wait After a few seconds once the file is read from the USB stick you will hear 20 or 30 beeps (sounds like a garbage truck reversing) After the beeps stop the m18x will shut down and reboot itself. ( 1 or 2 times depending) Once reboot all will be back to normal A03 bios. Connect the battery back if you wish after successful boot.. That's all folks, things should work now unless you bricked the EC controller, which is hard to do.
  12. After initially bricking my 6000 dollar machine, lol, this bios mod works. I used emergency recovery via USB on the ESATA port, the bios file name for emergency rescue is M18R2.hdr .. If a board mod wants me to start a new post on how to rescue from a bad flash ( provided u didn't smoke the EC) Let me know via private message and I will be happy to contribute.
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