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    Step 1 If you have one partition (it's not the default) for windows like me (the other partitions that you see are form the external drive) click drive options (advanced) and delete the partition. If you have two (the default for windows installations), delete first the big partition and then the small 100MB System reserved one. Step 2 After delete the partitions you will have one big Unallocated Space on Disk 0 Click new and apply You will have something like this Step 3 Press Shift - F10 to open the console and type: diskpart 1) select disk 0 2) select partition 1 3) active 4) select partition 2 5) format fs=ntfs quick unit=64k 6) exit and again exit Now click Refresh and then click on the Disk 0 partition 2 and press next Step 4 After you finish with windows installation open a command promt as administrator and type: fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo C: If it says Bytes per cluster: 65536 then your installation was successful and your cluster size (or else allocation unit size) is 64K instead of 4K.
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    I try to overclock the HD6970 with Rivatuner,MSI Afterburner and AMD tool with no luck i even try to edit the rivatuner CFG file to add the device id but no luck , even flashing with ATI flash don't work it says "no adapter found" i think this time dell did something so we can't overclock i hope some body figure out how to unlock the card Here is the pics of the Dell card it doesn't have ram on the bottom so i guess at least that is a good start i can see the crossfire connector so we can expect this on dual card configurations like M18X
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    First,The Results WEI score, left side is SSD :)Crystal Disk MarkATTO Disk BenchmarkBoot time (sorry forgot to screenshot the before, it was 82 seconds) :And now, i'll list the operations i've done to optimize my new SSD's performance.I won't go into the reasoning for those steps, they've been discussed time and time again, this post is just to organize the steps to execute them.So here we go:1. Reinstall windows from scratch.2. Installing all the drivers, chipset first and then the rest with restarts in between.3. move c:users directory from my SSD to the data drive using symbolic link1. Booted with windows 7 Media, chose repair windows2. choose command prompt3. copy users to hdd (when booting like that my C drive became E and D remained) robocopy "E:Users" "D:Users" /mir /xj /e4. rmdir e:users /Q /S (you might want to just rename it in case there are porblems)5. mklink /J e:users d:users (when booting like that my C drive became E and D remained)restart and you should see your users directory on the data driveThen run services.msc to disable the following services:1. Disk Defragmenter2. Superfetch3. Windows SearchAlternatively you can start an elevated command prompt and run the following three commandssc config defragsvc start= disabledsc config SysMain start= disabledsc config WSearch start= disabledOUTPUT FOR EACH SHOULD BE : [SC] ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESSNext, Open my computer, right click on the SSD drive choose properties and remove the checkbox from "Allow files from this drive to have contents indexed..." press Ok, and then choose the recursive option, OK and wait for it to finish.Next i enabled write caching on the SSD drive, for that, we need to go to device manager. (Right click on my computer, Manage and choose device manager). There we need to expand the "Disk Drives" section and select the Intel SSD... device, and right click properties on it, in a window that opens choose policies tab and check the second checkbox that says "Turn on windows write cache buffer..."Disable superfetch and prefetch:run regedit go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetContro lSession ManagerMemory ManagementPrefetchParametersSet 0 onEnablePrefetcherEnableSuperfetchDisable Hibernate :start an elevated command prompt (start, in the search box write cmd, right click the result and select run as administrator)C:Windowssystem32>powercfg -h offFinally disable system restore:Right click on Computer, Properties, Advanced System Settings, select system protection tab, choose the SSD drive (usually C),press Configure and select Turn Off System Protection. Thanks Looks like it's oboslete, decide yourselfHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Control FileSystem NtfsMemoryUsage = 2 (Normal = 1, Increased = 2; Default = 1)StamatisX)
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    You go to a LAN party and a couple people notice your Orion backpack , and say "Nice bag, do you really have an alienware?" So you put your bag down, unzip it and pull out this black sleeve . Then proceed to pull this big, black, sweet looking piece of machinery out, the M17X, or as you refer to as "my lappy" . Then you get out the power supply and you hear an "holy cow, thats huge" under someones breath. Proceed to pull out the AW mouse pad and Tactx Mouse and set them on the bench. Plug everything in and turn it on and hear a couple of "What the hell is that""s over my shoulder. I reply "thats just my lappy" as I spin my hat around and start poundin noobs. I try to act like it's not a big deal but I love the attention this thing gets. They come to check out the looks, but I get em with the performance. "Whathu?" Yes buddy, I'm destroying your mini tower with my laptop, lol. Whats your story? Whatchu got?
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    Thank you I appreciate it, I learn something new everyday. didn't know that was possible. Now everyone has a guide to cluster size. Nice job.
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    Thx for the warm welcome ^^ I also moved here from NBR becuz most of the AW threads get closed there. I agree with you on the fact that the m17x r3 is an overal better laptop (with the hdmi input, the longer battery life, and probably a lower cost than the clevo 8170 and ofc the warranty), the only thing that I don't like about it are its looks (yes, I prefer the clevo looks). But your argument for the m14x making sense (the trend towards extreme portability with the current netbooks) doesn't convince me. AW already has an 11" for this area, and if they would supplement it with another model a 13" would still seem more beneficial for consumers (exept maybe for the marketing arguments on the previous page: replacing the m15x, or maybe they also don't want to cut into the m11x sales, because tbh, how many people weren't dissapointed with the small and low quality screen in the m11x? and they could have fitted a 13" screen in that laptop, but ofc then they couldn't brag about having the most powerfull 11" laptop). And regarding your last argument, where you mention that a 485m would not be profitable in a m15x kinda surprises me aswell. AW always used to offer the biggest upgrade options, thats what the brand is (or maybe we should say 'was') all about. So when you configure a m15x or m17x with an extreme cpu you have to pay like 1000€ more for it, while the price difference between a gtx460m and a gtx485m is around 450-500€ (I think kobalt uk charge slike 380+-pounds for the upgrade). I don't see how offering the strongest gpu would not be profitable, since it doesn't near as much as the most expensive cpu. And in fact, being a gaming brand, it should actually be the other way around, the GPU should be more important than the CPU. And I doubt that a redesign of the heatsink (like the one on the clevo 8150) would cost that much more for production. Personnaly I don't understand why gaming enthousiasts would buy a current m15x or m17x r3 with the gtx460m. Ok the gtx460m offers 3D, but have you guys tried playing 3D on a high resolution with that card? Exactly, we need way more powerfull gpu's to be able to enjoy 3D in decent resolutions and good fps. Not that i'm into 3D gaming, but if I was, I wouldn't go for anything less than a 485m.
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    I couldn't provide you with results from the R2, instead those are from my R1 (I don't have it any more) 4K cluster size 64K cluster size
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    +1 and of course we don't forget Parabola http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiV_ue-PbL4&feature=related
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    Hey, I also into these Trippers too.LOL Hope you guys like it.
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    Infernia here you go, Vantage scores: ATI drivers 11.4 beta, CPU @ 3.579 GHz for all 3 runs so it won't affect the GPU scores Single 5870 stock clocks: 9909 ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting CFX 5870 stock clocks: 17106 ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting CFX 5870 @ 950/1220: 20437 (First Alienware M17x -R2 to hit 20K+ on vantage only here on Tech|Inferno) ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
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    So here how the scores go on 3DMark Vantage ATI drivers 11.4 beta, CPU @ 3.579 GHz for all 3 runs so it won't affect the GPU scores Single 5870 stock clocks: 9909 ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting CFX 5870 stock clocks: 17106 ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting CFX 5870 @ 950/1220: 20437 (First Alienware M17x -R2 to hit 20K+ on vantage only here on Tech|Inferno) ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
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    Here are some Vantage benchmarks that could be of interest: M17x R2 with i7 920XM (Turbo boost to 3ghz) paired with a single Radeon 6970M using 11.4 Beta drivers: Result Same setup with the card overclocked to desktop 6850 speeds (775mhz Core, 1000mhz memory): Result I think these 11.4 drivers could make this card as fast or a bit faster than the GTX 485M based on the other games I've tested with them as well. Also, I ordered a new set of thermal paste and pads. When that arrives, gonna try Vantage @ 850 core / 1100 mem then 3dmark 11 with the same settings.
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    You can try but IMHO you won't see any difference because you are already maxing it out the 4K and what's left for this SSD are the sequential reads and writes... what you can try to do is to keep the stripe size to 128 and change the cluster size to 64K because by default Windows format the disk with 4K.
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    With 3% BIOS OC you most likely don't need extra voltage, if you add extra voltage to your CPU your temperatures will raise even further and you won't be able to maintain high multipliers without external cooling. Anything above 3% thought will require voltage but according to my tests, the heat resulted in lower performance. So far I haven't see any program to stress the CPU close to what wprime 1.55 or intelburn test does, let alone the prime95... so don't worry about it, all you need is to maintain the multipliers you want based on the software you are using, if you do something that pushes the CPU to those extremes like the programs mentioned above then you will have to settle to lower multis. About your 4K writes, I think your SSD has low random read/write performance from the factory and that you are already maxing it out, that's why it seems unaffected. If you see my CDM screenshots, my SSD can hit those writes without any mod, so the only improvement you will see is on the sequential ones.
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    mw86, I only use TDP 92, TDC 87 Those numbers occurred after trial and error by running the applications I mostly use (ie Eclipse or games) and determining what the TDP and TDC has to be in order to maintain the 26x multi across all cores. I am also on 3% BIOS overclock, and the fact that when you enter into sleep mode you loose the BIOS overclock has to do with Dell since that is a bug from day one, even the R1 has the same problem. The cooling of the R2 unfortunately is not enough to keep it cool at clocks like 3.5GHz under every circumstance ie prime95 or wprime 1.55 1024M and by raising the TDP and TDC too much you will exceed the Tj and the laptop will shut down or crash, with lower settings you simply won't maintain those multipliers so you need to experiment a bit. For the SSD performance all you need is to disable the EIST,C1E, do the registry mod and you are set, you won't see any performance gain from adjusting the TDP,TDC
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