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  1. Pursuit

    420 Reviews and Pics :)

    Hey dude, I believe the bong needs some serious cleaning. .............wish I could suck on that.
  2. Pursuit

    Battlefield 3

    Oh, good on you, hope you like it. BTW you can add 4evernoob if you want. Am a hopeless shooter but i love bf3. LOL
  3. Hi John and welcome......you put a smile on my face.
  4. Hi andyausz, this is off topic! I'm just curious how you got USB 3.0 on m17x r2??
  5. Pursuit

    420 Reviews and Pics :)

    Major cannabis bust in Melbourne's north west!!! Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun I just hope that my source of supply got not thing to do with this bust!!
  6. Pursuit

    420 Reviews and Pics :)

    good thinking! Jimbo.
  7. Pursuit

    420 Reviews and Pics :)

    +1...great idea!
  8. Pursuit

    Tech | Inferno sold to AF Equipment LLC.

    Fuck! I got done! LOL.....I went to 420 thread deleted my posts!!! Gotta kill someone for this....lol Sent from my rocket Note.
  9. Pursuit

    [MOBILE/DESKTOP] AMD Catalyst 12.3

    12.3 CAP1 > http://sites.amd.com/us/game/downloads/Pages/crossfirex-app-profiles.aspx
  10. Pursuit

    M17X R2 idle RPM

    my R2 fans idle RPM are very much the same as yours.
  11. Pursuit

    Tapatalk Shoutbox OT thread

    roflmao @mmskate13..you're funny!
  12. Pursuit

    T|I Battlefield 3 64 Player Server

    300+ ping but playable! love it.:Banane36:
  13. Pursuit

    T|I Battlefield 3 64 Player Server

    it's good that we're going to see you there :)
  14. Pursuit

    Winter... !! :)

    LOL-it's good seeing them working together from 0:16! normally 1 guy works the rest watching:62:
  15. Pursuit

    Tapatalk Shoutbox OT thread

    I am really curious about tapAtalk! and finally i got it on my Gnote it found Techinferno after went though the one from torrent=failed looking for T|I forum then I got one from market= same shit! I got refund for that then I got one from applanet for free but it work. Anyway I can't find shoutbox with TapAtalk!! and the experience of browsing the forum is poor compare the the native Gnote browser or dolphin HD or Opera mobile, all those browsers work with Shoutbox.IMHO Opera mobile is best bcos of single columm view ( good for people need reading glasses). TapAtalk + T|I shoutbox =fail

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