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Scott Matusow

How to recover from a bad flash for Alienware M18X R2

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My grandson has a 2014 Alienware 18 laptop that fails to boot. Screen lights briefly, a - shows in upper left and system shots down and tries to reboot. I'm a senior citizen with time to troubleshoot for him. Any help is appreciate is welcome.

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Good day all kind people.

Recently, my Alienware M18 R12 started producing 1 beep sound when booting without going even to the Alienware picture. I could not even get neither to BIOS nor to ePSA interfaces. At the beginning, this problem self-resolved if the laptop was restarted with the power button. However, then it began happening more often. Eventually, it stop booting normally at all. On the Dell website, I found out that that 1 beep signal means BIOS or motherboard corruption. 

Bearing this in mind, I downgraded the BIOS to A03 (because it was only available option I had) using this guideline https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/1527-how-to-recover-from-a-bad-flash-for-alienwa....

To some extent it helped - the beeping sound disappeared, it started booting normally and get to the logo picture. Nevertheless, after the logo picture, the booting process stops messaging the following: " For Atheros PCIE Ethernet Controller v2.0.5.9 (06/01/11). Check cable connection! PXE-MOF: exiting Intel PXE Rom. No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key". Furthermore, at the very beginning of the booting (before the logo appears), I am getting the message "RAID Volumes: none defined", HDD listed and the offer to press CTRL+I in order to configure RAID. At the same time, in BIOS Fixed HDD and mSata are visible.

I tried to change the booting order in BIOS and also tried to use optimal default settings, it did not help. Currently, the booting order is: HDD, mSata, CD, Network. I also disassembled the laptop and checked the HDD connections. 

Finally, I ran diagnostic using F12 menu (ePSA) - according to the results, HDD 0 is fine, and there is a problem with HDD 1. Error code: 2000-01 42. Validation:101139. Msg. Hard Drive 1 - S/N TW0K2FVY5508532J3773. I have read that the error 2000-01 42 usually means that the HDD should be replace, but it worked perfectly a couple days ago, so I do not believe that it is a root of the problem.

Would you be so kind to advise how to fix this problem up?

Thank you in advance, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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      It's really frustrating to me to have a new BIOS update, or a new model of laptop to flash, and for some reason or other, the flash goes badly and the system is bricked. The only recourse is to get it reprogrammed by sager, since it won't boot.  I know there are chip programmers, but I know they have methods of flashing the BIOS, ME, and EC without removing the chips from the board. Are they using the Debug connector to do this? is it possible that I could get the specifications needed to recover the BIOS in the same way? What kind of Programmer interface would I need, and what would the pin-out be for the appropriate connector?   Right now I am working with the  P775TM1-G, P650HP6-G, p650HS-G and P955HR (physical variant of P950HR).
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      Hi all,

      Please help me

      I've flashed my Laptop clevo p150em with latest BIOS V 1.02.17 and EC/KBC V 1.02.11.
      Now I want to reflash it again with latest original Eurocom bios

      EC V 1.02.11EC
      BIOS V1.02.17EC v3b GTX9

      but there is a problem. I did everything according to the instructions, but after I ran step2.bat, the flashing process stoped itself and only the cursor was blinking in the lower corner (and nothing happened)

      There is movie link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0k1tqw3abwzmcpx/racer_p150em.mp4?dl=0

      Generally I am not able to flash any other bios (the result is still the same)

      Does anyone have any idea, how to solve it?

      I also tried the following (unsuccessfully):

      Remove system battery, disconnect adapter.

      Disconnect CMOS battery, hold down Power Button for 45 seconds.

      Thank you in advance for your help
      PS: the reason why i want to flash it, is GPU upgrade (from AMD 7970M - bricked, to NVIDIA 970M)


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