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  1. Update: I now have this working! Yay! For anyone else who is trying to do this in 2018, you need the A11 Unlocked BIOS. Switch graphics settings to PEG, Install .INF file and download the latest driver from Nvidia. Easy.
  2. Is there a way to get a 144 HZ Display for the m18x R2? I was trying to think of a meaningful 5th Post for promotion, so there it is! Haha, but really, is there?
  3. I have installed my 980M on myR2, Got the 8 Beeps, I thought with the A12 BIOS and Windows 10 it should have worked. Oh well, going to tear it back down and put the 675M's back in. Ijust got promoted and am downloading the A11 unlocked BIOS . So, Next teardown I am going to be completely ready. I just want to get this in and see if I can get it working before my return window passes. I have posted a few places here, and on Notebook Review on several threads about this stuff, and have received one response. Is this site still active? Do I need a modified driver still, all that stuff looks really old, 2013-2016 type stuff. I need to know about 2018. I have read that Nvidia added support for the maxwell in m18x r2. Am I wrong? Can someone offer advice? I have read that this thing should have been plug and play with windows 10 on Eurocom, Do I just need their driver? PLEASE HELP!!! Thank You!!!
  4. I know this post is old, but I just went from dual 675M to single 980M, I Have the A12 bios (I can't download on this site yet to get the unlocked A11). I am getting 8 beeps. Is this because of the bios? I am running Windows 10 because I thought with Windows 8 and 10, the maxwell was supported on the R2. Do I need to reinstall the old card and wait to be able to download this BIOS? I have been waiting about a week to get promoted. I am impatient, but I am super excited to complete this upgrade. (Also put in a 1TB SSD!) Please help!!! haha! Thanks! Edit: I now have this working, Thanks!
  5. $$$ I’m hoping to get a second one soon(ish). Currently back in school so dough is tight. Thank you for the response! I’ve found a wealth of information already on this site, so I’ll be sticking around. My only problem I’ve had is finding very old information, I guess these laptops are considered old now too though! It’s sometimes hard to find out if something is still relevant or not.
  6. I decided to buy a 980M for my R2. I have gone down the rabbit hole in these forums (Here and notebook review) but most of it appears to be from 2012-2016. I am not planning on overclocking, and for now am replacing the 2x 675m sli (Alienware Tech support fried one of my 675M's with a thermal pad on the GPU, yes a thermal pad instead of paste, see photo.) with a single 980M solution. I have finally managed to get this site to send a confirmation email, then turns out I wait a week download the unlocked A11 BIOS. Do I even still need it? I will pay if I need it for sure to get it faster. What I'm getting at, is this still a thing? I have read that Nvidia added support for the R2 in their driver, so no modded driver is needed. Did alienware add support for maxwell with the A12 BIOS? I can't find a difinitive answer. Sorry, I have read so much about this the past week, but haven't come up with a cut and dry yes or no.
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