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aw17 r1 (m17x r5) optimus screen problem

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please help me of this problem.

Only using DGPU will have no problem. 

But when i push fn + f5 and change into the optimus mode,

the screen is flickering and glitching....



like this video

even i pulled out the dgpu and power on with integrated gpu,, it has the same situation.

i flash the bios a14 and a13 but it isnt solved.

i dont know why... i think it is related to the intel GPU...

Is there anybody who know the source of the problem?



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weird. mine did something similar when running on the 980m through mini display port to external monitor. unplugged and reinserted the cable.

guessing it's quite a different problem though.

to clarify - is it OK with the dedicated GPU and an issue with the integrated (ie weaker) GPU?


first port of call would be the usual driver uninstall / clean / DDU / reinstall.

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    • By guilhrme
      Hello guys, how are you?
      I got today a new graphics card for my Alienware 17 R1 (2013). The newer card is a gtx 970m. Before, the Alienware had no dedicated graphics card, but only the integrated Intel HD 4600 from processor.
      After I put the new card on laptop, I realized that the laptop wont turn on anymore. If I remove the graphics card, laptop turns on normally.
      Another thing that I noticed, is that with graphics card inside  when I plug AC adapter, the blue led of it (AC adapter) turns off. Without the card, this behavior dont happens.
      I already reseat the card a lot of times without success.
      My Alienware is a R1 Model (2013) or M17x R5.
      PSU: 240w
      Processor: 4910mq
      RAM: 32GB
      Battery: OK.
      Graphics Card: Alienware GTX 970m 6gb - G16E-A1
      Bios: A14 (lastest from Dell WebSite)
      I dont have another card to test.
      Thank you guys. I hope anyone can help me.
    • By SmellyLlama
      Hi everyone,
      hopefully someone can help.
      I have successfully (to a fashion) installed a new 970m in my laptop, it is discovered in the BIOS and Device Manager. The card seems to run, I can see it in GPU-Z and the temperature and clock speeds are displayed in GPU-Z. Windows 10 installed the driver on it's own and I modded and installed the latest NVIDIA driver 361.43.
      I'm seeing a low score (lower than my 860m) in 3Dmark and a lower clock speed (540Mhz) instead of what I would expect (somewhere around 900). Guessing I need to install an earlier driver, the optimus switching isn't working on the FN+F5, but I'm not sure which driver to choose as the older recommended one doesn't show in the NVIDIA search. 
      16GB DDR3 PC3-12800
      480 mSATA
      256 SSD
      ST500 Hybrid SSD
      BIOS version A14.
      I've attached a screenshot from 3Dmark for reference. Anything else I can supply to help?

    • By svl7
      New BIOS got released for the Alienware 17, unfortunately Dell didn't provide at change log, at least not yet... let's hope they don't fall back on old habits and stop providing any information...
      Here's some information about what has changed:
      - Intel GOP driver update
      - some stuff that I think is XTU related
      - a few minor other adjustments
      - EC update, a lot of changes, probably also an adjustment of the fan algorithm as in the AW18 A03 bios.
      >> Download link (direct) <<
    • By svl7
      Dell just pushed the first BIOS update for the new Alienware 17 to their support site.
      Download here: Driver Details | Dell US
      Changelog A03:
      1. Update Intel GOP 5.0.1032.
      2. Update Intel VBIOS 2175.
      3. Modify load default behavior in Setup Menu.
      4. Enhance secure boot function.
      5. Enhance Panel information interface.
      6. Update Microcode 306C3h Rev.09h.
      7. Add New ROM part support.
      8. Disable WLAN ASPM L0s.
      9. Modify SATA configuration behavior for tool load default.
      10. Add CMFC OEM Project Function.
      11. Enable Nvidia GC6 function
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