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  1. ll_r1d0_ll

    M17xR3 GPU Issues

    yes it is definitely a bad gpu ..all u need is to replace ur gpu with a good one .. i would suggest GTX 680M or a 780M ...
  2. ll_r1d0_ll

    dell alienware m17r3 2011

    m17x r3 cannot be upgraded to 980m.. the max u can go with is gtx 880m but it does have issues and has been reported UNSTABLE ! The best you can have is GTX 780M or GTX 680M
  3. no need to modify the bios..you only need to have latest unlocked bios( i guess it is A11?maybe)then disable the intel GPU in bios and set the display to PEG and just need to modify the INF file of NVIDIA drivers and thats all
  4. ll_r1d0_ll

    Clevo Gtx 780m Undetected on Alienware m17x r4

    that has nothing to do with not detecting your GPU...
  5. ll_r1d0_ll

    Clevo Gtx 780m Undetected on Alienware m17x r4

    try reseating the card again and check all the contacts of your 780m are neat and clean .. it should detect the gpu because im myself using a gtx780m in my m17x r4
  6. ll_r1d0_ll

    Clevo Gtx 780m Undetected on Alienware m17x r4

    did you disable INTEL GPU ? and set you PRIMARY GRAPHICS ADAPTER TO "PEG" ? IN BIOS
  7. make sure you pasted your cpu and gpu properly ..more than enough or less than required paste might cause temperature issues which would result in random shut downs too but only during load ...try to keep your laptop in bios mode and see if it shut downs there too ..and if it does there too then i guess there is some hardware failure in your motherboard
  8. ll_r1d0_ll

    M17x R3 7 beeps

    580m/675m are well known to fail for no reason..try removing the card and boot it without the nvidia gpu ...if that boots up , im sure the gpu is faulty
  9. which gpu are you having in ur alienware m17xr4?
  10. ll_r1d0_ll

    M17x R5 GTX 675m Downgrade...

    did you modify the INF file of NVIDIA DRIVER before installing drivers? you need to modify nvidia drivers everytime you change the GPU of your laptop except the one that came fitted from the factory
  11. ll_r1d0_ll

    Alienware M17x R4 suddenly stops working

    probably something is wrong with the charging mosfets or some other internal issues..try running it without battery a see the difference
  12. ll_r1d0_ll

    M17x R4 w/ GTX 765M Upgrade

    always make sure to disable driver signature enforcement check and have unlocked bios and INTEL HD GRAPHICS DISABLED FROM BIOS ...and a modified INF file xD
  13. ll_r1d0_ll

    Bringing the M17xR3 back from the grave!

    i used windows 8.1 on my alienware m17x r3 with gtx 780m and it worked perfectly without a single issue...now i have upgraded its motherboard to r4 and other specs are the same and running windows 10 now...and everything is working smooth as butter....looks like there is something wrong with you gpu ...which bios is installed in your gpu ? dell?msi ? clevo? try installing dell's vbios on ur gtx 770m and give it a try
  14. ll_r1d0_ll

    Bringing the M17xR3 back from the grave!

    that is really weird..try booting up without gpu ... By the way , did you disable the INTEL GRAPHICS in bios after installing this card?

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