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  1. Yes! You are right! Gpu is short. The whole machine is now in short in consequence.
  2. No, the laptop dont turns on. So I cant enter in the BIOS.
  3. Maybe. I think that the gpu card was in short. The short passed to the motherboard. The technician told me this. Lets wait for news. Thank you man.
  4. I removed my old gpu some months ago. The gpu appears to be in short circuit. Now my Motherboard dont respond too. I thing my notebook is bricked. Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  5. Hello guys, how are you? I got today a new graphics card for my Alienware 17 R1 (2013). The newer card is a gtx 970m. Before, the Alienware had no dedicated graphics card, but only the integrated Intel HD 4600 from processor. After I put the new card on laptop, I realized that the laptop wont turn on anymore. If I remove the graphics card, laptop turns on normally. Another thing that I noticed, is that with graphics card inside when I plug AC adapter, the blue led of it (AC adapter) turns off. Without the card, this behavior dont happens. I already reseat the card a lot of times without success. My Alienware is a R1 Model (2013) or M17x R5. PSU: 240w Processor: 4910mq RAM: 32GB Battery: OK. Graphics Card: Alienware GTX 970m 6gb - G16E-A1 Bios: A14 (lastest from Dell WebSite) I dont have another card to test. Thank you guys. I hope anyone can help me.
  6. It is possible now. See that: http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware/8113-going-test-clevo-980m-alienware-m17x-r4-m18x-r2-aw17-44.html
  7. Thanks godfafa. Your comments and tests help me a lot. I'm very disappointed with AW18 and Alienware overall. I hope that on the next release Dell make things better.
  8. The most curious thing is that even with a single GPU, my GPU score on 3dmark still less than the Alienware 18 (intel 3rd gen). Same mod, same driver, same clocks. Did you ran this test?
  9. How a heatsink could affect the gpu performance since the temps are good? 50c Gpu 1, 51c Gpu 2 (idle)
  10. Hello, I have an Alienware 18 (2013 model, A09 Bios), with two GTX 780m SLI (modded bios), Core i7 4930MX (Stock - Overclock enabled on the Bios Settings but in Default values), 32Gb Ram 1600mhz. My friend has an very identical hardware, but his Alienware is a previous model, with a 3940MX Extreme Processor. The GPUs are identical, with modded bios too. Both systems with a 330W PSU. Running 3dkmark, we realized that GPU scores has a significative difference. After disabling Overclock option on the Bios, my scores grew a little more, but the difference between the systems continues. Results: Result Guys, do you think that can be my processor getting the power from the GPU's? If no, what could be? Thank you.
  11. Everything seems to work really well. Temperatures, speeds, benchmarks, etc. But how is an expensive component, it is always good to have some help from those who understand. Thank you very much.
  12. Hello, Last week I had tried to change the default processor thermal grease to a Coollaboratory Liquid Metal Pad on my Alienware 18. After carefully applied, I turned on my laptop and I did some load tests (wPrime) to monitor the cpu temps. After some seconds, I heard a noise inside my laptop and it becomes turned off. The next time that I had tried to turn on the laptop, It beeped 5 or 7 times. So, I decided to open the laptop and examine what happened. When I removed the processor I saw that the Liquid Pad had leaked and reached some Die Side Capacitors. So, I removed the Liquid Metal Pad, and as gift it brings to me two capacitors together! I reseated the processor again and I turned on the laptop again. It works fine. I did various tests and it appears to be Ok with exception of Intel Processor Diagnostic Tools that stuck on Reading Cache Size step. I would like to know if these missing capacitors has some importance or cause some issues in case they are missing/damaged. What you recommend? Theres some way to test all components? Can I replace these capacitors for another? If yes, whats the specification? I dont took a picture of cpu, but on the following link I marked the capacitors of red. Very Thanks.
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