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delid of a 6950x


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der8auer deliding a 6950x processor has soldered heat spreader





:ohmy: scraping the excess solder of the chip with a razer blade @ 10:23 


lowering of temps at @17:08


delidding lowers the temps even on a soldered chip as of the thickness of the solder & the glue that holds the lid on, the glue actually lifts the heat-spreader off of the cpu die by a small amount

proven by Idontcare over on annadtech forums back on the i7 3770k




look at he Intel TIM out preforming NT-H1 !


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The question is who would have the balls to delid a $1700+ cpu? I mean I know the guy in the vid did but he's a famous overclocker that gets free stuff. 

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