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  1. It works!!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhh finally!!!!! Yes!!!! Thanks thanks thanks you are my saviour!
  2. I'll try as soon as i can, thank you very much!
  3. Hi, I have the same problem and I don't know how can i do to solve it. I'm going crazy with this. Can you help me????
  4. Good evening folks! I follow the procedure but, i have a problem when i tey to flash the modded bios. In other words, i receive this message when i type fpt.exe -f v204mod.bin -bios "PDR REGION DOES NOT EXIST GBE REGIOB DOES NOT EXIST ERROR 28: PROTECTED RANGE REGISTERS ARE CURRENTLY SET BY BIOS, PREVENTING FLASH ACCESS. ETC..." How can i do? Thanks in advance
  5. No issues with my ext. Wd 2tb since 2017. Not fast as a bullet but reliable.
  6. Fabrizio

    Ryzen delid

    Impressive video, but i think that the HIS on AMD works well.
  7. Thank you very much. Very interesting! As soon as i can, i'll try!
  8. Is it working on y500 with gt650m? thx
  9. Hi! I'm Fabrizio from Italy owner of a Lenovo Y500 SLI and a Lenovo Legion 5 Pro.
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