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Thermal Throttling


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I have been trying for some time to clock my CPU on my M18xR2 with the 3940XM chip. Nothing I did had any effect what so ever. Since new my core multiplier had never been above x12.  I recently discovered that this was down to ‘BD PROSCHOT’ and thermal throttling. As I understand it BD is a heat sensor of some description that I can only assume thinks the temp is too high. My usual core temp at x12 is around 55°C which is not even close to dangerous levels.

I have started using Throttle Stop to remove BD and set the max multiplier to 20 after a XTU benchmark test I achieved 2.00 GHz with a max temp of 70°C, which in compared with other benchmarks I have seen is poor and rather warm. As I have a 3.00 GHz CPU it is defiantly on the low and warm side, which lead me to think that perhaps this BD PROCHOT thing was not wrong. I am going to do some investigation into the fans, in the meanwhile does anyone have any advice for me?



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Yes the inside is imaculate and fresh paste. I would like to avoid having to disable bd pro but it seems to be the only way. I will prolly have to run hours of testing and find out where the comfort zone is. I am however awaiting a new screen as have the dreaded edid 8 bleep issue 😥

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after purchasing the 3heatpipe for XM cpus i couldnt find any fans with more flow that could keep things cooler. sound isnt an issue for me. if you do find replacement fans let me know. only thing i thought about was doing some modding to the bottom of the lappy to get more airflow

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