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  1. I'd like to know if anyone thinks its possible for an m1000m mxm card to work in a Dell Optiplex 9020 AIO. It has an mxm-a slot for an old AMD Radeon HD 8750A in it. It is rated for 45W max, while the m1000m is only 40W so I didn't see an issue with power. If I put one in that was flashed with a Dell vBios would it work? Or am I oversimplifying things?
  2. I'd like to thank both of you for the help. This one is solved as the card died Friday night. I'm not surprised as I didn't even look into the temps until I started having issues. I'll be on my school laptop Dell Inspiron 13 5368 until I get a new one. Looking forward to the epicness that is the Intel HD 520 graphics!
  3. The game that triggers it the most is *sigh* Golf with Friends. I can play League or Starbound fine. I'm going with anything that actually makes the card work does it as I know those 2 games are nothing to a graphics card. I did some measuring and reading and it would seem the card is already throttling itself voltage wise never going above .98V at max load when most people go to 1.2V. GPU-Z Sensor Log.rar
  4. I own a Clevo P151SM1 that I bought in a hurry last year after my Alienware died on me. It's done a good job of playing everything I've thrown at it but lately, it's been shutting itself off when I play certain games or graphics-heavy programs. When idle it sits around 38C which is great. But when I get into a game it skyrockets up to 97C as the last recorded temp before it shuts itself off. I've cleaned the fans and keep it on an elevated cooling pad (no fans on the pad cause I broke them) but it gets plenty of air. I know that 97C is probably damaging the card and I don't want that. Does it look like I'm going to have to repaste it? I've attached my latest readings if that would help. HWMonitor.rar
  5. I own one with the dGPU and it does get hot, but it never throttles. If you are worried about temps and graphics power doesn't matter to you, just go for the iGPU version. It's cheaper too.
  6. I know this is way late but we still use one here at our has as a business laptop since it has the 2960xm and I only paid 200$ for the laptop. Haven't had any issues with it really over the years. The best card you can put into it due to bios limitations is the AMD FirePro m5100, it's performance is around that of the Nvidia k2100m which it will not accept.
  7. I know that the 965m should work since it's wattage is only 50w and the mxm slot in the p151sm1 can take up to 75 watts. The 970m would be too much for it and could easily cause some power issues. I really wanted to upgrade mine as well but it's pretty limited due to the lower wattage mxm slot. I don't know if there are any bios issues about upgrading but I know that the p150sm has been able to have a 970m put in it so I don't see why the p151sm1 wouldn't work with a 965m.
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