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MSI GT70-0ND GTX675m swap to GTX980m


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Hello guys hoping you can help me out here.


I recently picked up a gigabyte p35x v3 cf2 with a gtx980m i also have a msi gt70-0nd with a gtx675m. Unfortunately the msi's video card burnt out about a year ago but it is a much better machine for me. It stays much cooler and has a better screen/touchpad/keyboard. The p35x also gets way to hot and the motherboard has already died on me once, i believe the thermal solution in the gigabyte just cant handle gaming even with a cooling pad. During gaming i would see 95*+ on the cpu and the whole wrist pad gets very hot. My gt70 would only see 80*+ during heavy gaming and i don't need to carry around a cooling pad with it. Anyway i want to swap the videocard over from the p35x to the gt70, has anyone done this with success? I believe i could just flash the vbios with the MSI version avaliable from tech-powerUP. I am wondering about the heatsink, i work as a designer at a business with several CNC-vertical mills so i could fab something up just wondering if anyone has attempted this as it seems every gtx675 out there has burned itself out by now.

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About heatsink, look at the pictures which posted Bloetschkopf in this thread:  https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/8008-msi-gt70-mxm-card/

Also read this thread:  https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/6309-970m-and-980m-not-compatible-with-previous-heatsinks/

About vbios, yes you are right,  just flash the vbios with the MSI version avaliable from tech-powerUP, and all be ok. Of course before you try to do it, you should flash latest stock system bios into your laptop. Version 51X.

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