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  1. hello all, i just got a gtx 980m from a seller on amazon. i have the card installed in my alienware m17x r4, i have updated the bios to A15 stock, in the bios its showing the card is there, in windows 10 the card is also shown in device manager, but it has the code 43 error, i have disabled driver signing and installed a modded driver but its not working, i have uefi legacy mode enabled, i need help getting this working, do i need a modded bios to get the card working? is my card a g-sync version ? any help with this would be great, also if it is a g-sync card, can i vbios flash it with a non g-sync vbios? how can i tell if this card is a clevo or msi ? thanks in advance
  2. ok so after some massive testing and many different vbios flashes i found the best settings for stability, 1000 core 1500 memory. core 3d 1000 memory 3d 1500 voltage 3d 1125 core 2d 300 memory 2d 150 voltage 2d 850 the other settings i had in the previous post was stable until i ran furmark for about 10 min, the screen started getting artifacts then the driver crashed, i also tried 1.1v and this also made the driver crash, i guess my 7970m needs more juice to overclock well. the extra 25mV to the 2d voltage stopped the screen flicker and my 2d to 3d transition is now working, before the gpu would stay at 2d clocks while running a game in full screen. i will continue testing until i hit my wall, but i have a feeling that this is the best stable overclock i can achieve on my system
  3. ok so after playing around with the vbios patcher and messing with some 2d overclocks i managed to patch a very stable vbios on my 7970m. the settings are core 3d 1000 memory 3d 1500 voltage 3d 1075 core 2d 350 memory 2d 250 voltage 2d 850 no flicker what so ever, and because i never take this laptop off my coolermaster sf-19 i don't mind the higher clocks/temps @ 24/7 idle 47ºC / load 71ºC very happy with the overclock now, thanks again svl7
  4. so you dont think it has to do with the 2d clocks then ? i cant understand why this is happening i now have access to your vbios patcher and i will be testing higher 2d clocks and 2d voltages, i really want to thank you for all that you have done and released to the public. my performance is outstanding now. and so far no screen flickering even after a few rounds on bf3 with the settings on max, love it
  5. i think i found a way to stop the screen flickering while on the desktop, i used the ov1075v.bios and then overclocked the card to 1000/1550 the screen would flicker, i then ran gta 4 from steam for about an hour and now the screen has stopped flickering, im not sure whats the cause of this, but im thinking it may be a driver issue, svl7 have you ever heard of this before ?
  6. i did notice a huge improvement in BF3 with the clocks @ 1000/1550, i was running on ultra 1920x1080, but as soon as i go back to desktop the screen starts to flicker really bad and it feels like my mouse is lagging lol
  7. with the latest 12.11 beta drivers from AMD my 7970m @ anything over 900/1300 will make the screen flicker, but as soon as i run a game at full screen the flickering stops ? im unable to figure out the reason for this. i need a few more posts to get access to the vbios patcher download, but im thinking it has to do with the 2D rendering as in 3D everything is working just fine ? any info on this would be a big help
  8. svl7, your vbios mods are a god send, i was having trouble overclocking my 7970m, 900/1300 was the best i could get with the stock vbios, i used Dell7970m-900-1300-ov1075v.ROM and just for fun i turned up the clocks to 1000/1500 and ran 3dmark 11 basic, and was surprised that it even loaded lol, it would crash or BSOD on me with stock voltages, this is the score i got from 3dmark, AMD Radeon HD 7970M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3820QM Processor,Alienware M17xR4 score: P6745 3DMarks , i really think that the small amount of added power is what this card needed to hit those marks, thanks for all your hard work, i dont think ill be testing any of the other vbios files because im pretty happy with my current setup, ov1075v for the win lol
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