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Clevo WA50SFQ GT840m vbios mod


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Hello everyone! I'm trying to modify vbios of my laptop to overcome +135MHz limitation on core clock.

I successfully got bios from memory and extracted vbios module. After modifying it I replaced original one and flashed bios back.

Bios itself chaged because hidden menus which I unlocked appeared, but clocks on card stayed untouched.

Is there any additional requirements for vbios to make it work? I even dumped bios again after flashing and vbios module was modified.

May it be a driver problem? I have Win10 with 350.62.

If someone knows what the problem is, pls help.

P.S. I'm pretty sure that my card is able to work properly on higher clocks because there wasn't any problem on +135 under full load and temp was never reached 60C.

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