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is egpu possible in new 12' macbook or surface pro 3?

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I am new here, and I plan to purchase an ultrabook(new 12' macbook) or convertible notebook(surface pro 3). I want to play the game fifa onine 3 without losing the mobility of notebook, so i try to research for the external gpu solution. unfortunately both 12' macbook and surface pro 3 does not have thunderbolt or expresscard or mini pci-e connector. What I want to know is that is there any possibility for the usb type-c or usb 3.0 to implement egpu solution?

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There are USB 3 to monitor adapters, but they don't have any good 3D performance.

As far as I know USB isn't a good option for eGPU because of the way USB works. I guess in the near future with TB3 merged with USB 3.1 there might be an option, but currently not.

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good news has come that dell release the new xps 12 which is equipped with two usb type c connectors including thunderbolt 3 protocol! what you predict becomes reality. now I think it will be my choice.

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Given that ThunderBolt 3 uses the USB3 Type C connector now, and the XPS 12 is proof that TB3 works on Core M, I suspect the Macbook 12 refresh will have ThunderBolt.

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Given that ThunderBolt 3 uses the USB3 Type C connector now, and the XPS 12 is proof that TB3 works on Core M, I suspect the Macbook 12 refresh will have ThunderBolt.

yeah while it cannot be earlier to refresh macbook in 2nd gen...

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They released new imacs today with skylake processor but no USBC and still TB2 :(

When for the Macbook refresh ?

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    • By unapalada
      Hi there,
      So I'm having a little issue with my egpu setup and if anyone could give me some hinters that would be great.
      Basically I've done this before with this same laptop on a 980ti which worked perfectly and now I have a 1060.
      Only problem is, I've installed everything correctly, theres no error messages in device manager, says this device is working correctly BUT when I go to play games, it decides to run the dgpu instead. Now I've run some benchmarks and the 1060 is being used, getting 150fps. I do have to disable the AMD though.
      So, my question to the pros is, what happens next?
      I've tried using the latest drivers from nvidia, tried uninstalling everything with Display Drive Uninstaller and trying again, tried using a safe driver version (372.70) because I read the latest one was buggy..
      Tried uninstalling and disabling microsoft basica display adapter only to get the same results..
      I also get an error when trying to access nvidia control panel "nvidia display settings are not available, you are not currently using a display attached to an nvidia gpu" but it shows in device manager as "working properly"
      It also doesn't show in dxdiag as well. only shows the AMD.
      I'm not using an external display if that helps..
      any help would be appreciated!!
      EDIT: I have been getting code 12 errors with my current driver 372.70
      Does this mean I need to do a DSDT override? 
      I'd like to not have to deal with coding etc but if necessary then I can try.
      I have tried to update to the latest driver version but that hasn't really been helping either.
      Anyway thanks
    • By Relvce
      Hey Guys!
      I have a 2016 15" Macbook Pro with the Radeon Pro 455 Gpu inside.
      My plan is to get a working eGpu setup for both Windows and MacOs so I can play games in Windows and use the Gpu ins MacOs for productivity. I also want to just use an external Monitor, I don't need to get it to work on the internal Display.
      I also already have a Nvidia GTX 970 from my current Desktop computer that I would like to use.
      Unfortunately Razer doesn't sell the Razer Core in Germany but I found one on Ebay for 250€ which is a pretty good price considering that it costs double in America. Also I think this would be the only eGpu solution that I have access to at the moment.
      Another thing is that I don't have massive amounts of knowledge to find solutions to problems which may occur during the process and money (the Macbook was already pretty expensive), so I would only do it if it really works well.
      The guides from people who got setups like this to work always seem relatively straight forward to me but I wanted to get your opinion first before I buy something for 250€ and it doesn't work.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By YukonAppleGeek
      Works great and super easy to get up and running with NVIDIA GPUs. Used it flawlessly for 5 months before I was able to build a desktop rig.
    • By ms01
      Hi there,
      I've been directed here in search of answers from you good folk for my new Metabox (Clevo) P650RS-G.
      I am trying to connect two LG 27UD88 4K monitors via usb-c (one port per monitor) however I am told that the motherboard doesn't currently support alternate mode display. Is this correct or is there somewhere that I can find drivers?
      Thank you!
    • By MattGarlandUK
      Macbook Pro Retina 15” Mid 2015 
      AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB
      2.8 GHz i7, 16GB RAM
      Windows 10 64bit ( bootcamp )
      OSX Sierra
      AKiTiO Thunder2
      Graphics card:
      EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB GDDR5 Memory PCI Express 3 Graphics Card
      Power supply:
      EVGA 100-W1-0500-KR - 500W 80 Plus Power Supply (100-W1-0500-KR)
      Molex to barrel adapter to connect PSU to GPU and enclosure
      GPU powered by the PSU directly
      HDMI cable to connect GPU to monitor
      Thunderbolt cable to connect Thunder2 to Macbook
      PSU powered on using the 'paper clip technique'
      Dell U2715H 27-Inch Widescreen IPS LED Monitor
      Info and guides:
      Power on and connect the GPU, check that the Nvidia is showing up in the device manager
      Install Nvidia drivers
      Disable discrete AMD GPU in the device manager and shut down
      Boot back up into Windows10 and BOOM, Windows10 should now be using the GPU.
      I can reliably get the eGPU to work every time and have experienced NO CRASHES!  I still play games using the AMD when I'm not at my desk, which just requires re-enabling the AMD.  Sometimes switching the AMD on and off can cause the device manager to hang, but restarting Windows 10 sorts this out so I've not had any problems using the system both ways.
      Games Performance:
      Doom - 1440p max settings - 60pfs ( WOW!!! )
      Deus Ex Mankind Divided - 1440p max settings - 30-45 fps
      Just Cause 3 - 1440p max settings - 30-45 fps
      Star Wars Battlefront - 1440p max settings - 30-45 fps
      Overwatch - 1440p max settings - 60fps
      Getting Windows10 to select the eGPU as the primary display device:
      As far as I can tell, all that is required to get the GPU to power the external display is to disable the discrete graphics chip (AMD R9 M370X) via the device manager in Windows10.  
      In my experience, provided the eGPU is connected, disabling the AMD R9 will automatically cause the OS to switch to the eGPU.  Although a couple of times when I've done this without restarting, the AMD has switched itself back on!
      Provided the eGPU is connected and powered on, and the AMD is disabled, booting into Windows 10 will automatically select the eGPU and you're away!  

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