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help with MBP 2015 15" AMD R9 m370x + gtx 1060 3gb


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Hi there,


So I'm having a little issue with my egpu setup and if anyone could give me some hinters that would be great.


Basically I've done this before with this same laptop on a 980ti which worked perfectly and now I have a 1060.


Only problem is, I've installed everything correctly, theres no error messages in device manager, says this device is working correctly BUT when I go to play games, it decides to run the dgpu instead. Now I've run some benchmarks and the 1060 is being used, getting 150fps. I do have to disable the AMD though.


So, my question to the pros is, what happens next?

I've tried using the latest drivers from nvidia, tried uninstalling everything with Display Drive Uninstaller and trying again, tried using a safe driver version (372.70) because I read the latest one was buggy..

Tried uninstalling and disabling microsoft basica display adapter only to get the same results..


I also get an error when trying to access nvidia control panel "nvidia display settings are not available, you are not currently using a display attached to an nvidia gpu" but it shows in device manager as "working properly"


It also doesn't show in dxdiag as well. only shows the AMD.


I'm not using an external display if that helps..



any help would be appreciated!!



EDIT: I have been getting code 12 errors with my current driver 372.70

Does this mean I need to do a DSDT override? 

I'd like to not have to deal with coding etc but if necessary then I can try.

I have tried to update to the latest driver version but that hasn't really been helping either.

Anyway thanks

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