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Starting problems with M17R4

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I have a little problem with my laptop (M17r4): once out of ten times I am able to boot normaly. Otherwise I get a repetitive one bip from the speakers and it doesn't boot.

After some talk with Dell people, it could come from a corrupted bios. All the internal Dell diagnostics are OK (RAM, CPU,...).

So I tried to flasn a new Bios ( am currently in A09). From Windows, the update program will execute very quickly and when it reboots, I get a "insyde H20-secure flash error : invalid firmware image". Then the system is reseted...

If I try the update from a USB stick, I boot on the stick, run the official bios update and I get a " Test." And then nothing...

I tried with official A09, 10, 11, 12 and even 08. Same behavior...

I run Windows 7, legacy boot.

If someone has any idea on how to fix that, your help would be appreciated. 😀


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Seems to me that u have a Ram problem. (either ram stick or ram slot). Try to boot only with one ram stick and interchange between the slots and the ram sticks, see if that helps.

If u can boot with no problems with only ram stick it means u have a problem with the other ram stick or with the slot. See wich one is to blame (if its ram change it, if its the slot move the ram to the other 2 slots under the keyboard)

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Thanks for the replies!

I tried to boot with one RAM stick (tried each ones, I have two in total), tried also the two other RAM slots (4 are available).

Unfortunately that doesn't change anything and I have always the same behavior : about every ten tries I can actually start.

When I am very lucky it can start after only the third trial.:blue:

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