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  1. Has anyone tried this method to go from A09 to A05? I tried to put the USB stick but nothing happens... Is there a minimum time to hold the start button just after pluggin the AC adapter?
  2. Thanks for the replies! I tried to boot with one RAM stick (tried each ones, I have two in total), tried also the two other RAM slots (4 are available). Unfortunately that doesn't change anything and I have always the same behavior : about every ten tries I can actually start. When I am very lucky it can start after only the third trial.
  3. Would it be possible that the above behavior has for origin a virus? Do you think it is a hardware issue? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have a little problem with my laptop (M17r4): once out of ten times I am able to boot normaly. Otherwise I get a repetitive one bip from the speakers and it doesn't boot. After some talk with Dell people, it could come from a corrupted bios. All the internal Dell diagnostics are OK (RAM, CPU,...). So I tried to flasn a new Bios ( am currently in A09). From Windows, the update program will execute very quickly and when it reboots, I get a "insyde H20-secure flash error : invalid firmware image". Then the system is reseted... If I try the update from a USB stick, I boot on the stick, run the official bios update and I get a " Test." And then nothing... I tried with official A09, 10, 11, 12 and even 08. Same behavior... I run Windows 7, legacy boot. If someone has any idea on how to fix that, your help would be appreciated. 😀 Thanks.
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