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Laptop power supply for DVD-mediabay

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I have got a Clevo P150 laptop and I was wondering about how big the power supply is. The Clevo's 180W transformers are much more than twice as large as small 90W power supplies. So I asked my self: Isn't it possible to switch two 90W power supplies in parallel to get a small 180W power supply?

So I did some research and found at last two 90W power supplies, that are small enough to put two of each in a laptop's DVD-mediabay. Those of you who can speak/read German, may read the detailed project description on my homepage: mitjastachowiak.de?projects/netzteil

Maybe it is possible, that I can build a prototype during my bachelor-thesis.

But before, I'd like to know, if I am the only one, who would like to have such a power supply or if it sold. The aim is, that if you are on the way and don't need your DVD-drive, you can just remove it and put the power supply into your laptop. So you just need to take one small cable with you to quickly connect to the grid, if a socked-outlet is near.

So what is your opinion?

Would you buy such a power supply?

And if yes, for which price?

I'm glad to read a lot of critiques ;)

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