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  1. Try to update your laptop drivers. In windows search menu write device manager then in device manager chose battery section and press right mouse button to open menu where you can chose update drivers and restart or uninstall drivers and restart. Then Windows if computer connected to internet reinstall battery drivers automatically. Check if it helps. If it not help check your charger if its cable not damaged and providing correct voltage.
  2. I think that Dell 9M9FK drive should fit your Inspiron desktop as it looks like similar to Inspiron 3891. Try and write if it is true. There is Dell forum link about Inspiron 3891 optical drive: https://www.dell.com/community/Inspiron-Desktops/Optical-drive-for-Inspiron-3891/m-p/8145792#M32540
  3. I am expect you know how to enter in to bios . After you get in bios settings there should be option to disable battery notifications. I am not sure about Lenovo but I think it should be something like in other Dell laptops.
  4. I think that you can not replace 3 generation processor with any other generation processor in same motherboard in your existing computer because of different sockets. If you thinking about upgrading motherboard , processor and other parts then it depends on how much money you thinking to spend. Older processors like 10 or 11 generation probably will cost les than latest 12 generation. But if there is no problem with money you can chose last generation as it probably will get longer drivers support.
  5. Try to find online program ThrottleStop if problem is with your laptop charger you can fix it with this program but it is not perfect and you will need to do some extra things if you want that this program would start always at system boot.
  6. Malwarebytes blocked exploit from address Country South Korea State / Region Seoul City Yongsan-dong (Hangang-daero) Weather station KSXX2795 - Yongsan Coordinates 37.536, 126.971 Timezone Asia/Seoul (UTC+9) Local time 16:11:22 Languages ko-KR, en Currency Won (KRW) Address type IPv4 ASN 17858 - POWERVIS-AS-KR ISP Lg Powercomm Organization Xpeed
  7. Try to search about Clevo laptop barebones. Probably you find what you want there. If this is not what you thinking about then other option would be a lot complicated and a lot of time and money consuming. Probably it is possible to create laptop case using 3 d printers or other technologies . But you need to have design sketches to give people to print what you want. Firs of all you need to have clearer vision what exact parts you thinking to use. What motherboard what screen and so on.
  8. It sounds that it is correct but I think it will be a big problem to buy one of this.
  9. Just bring computer to repair services to people who know what they are doing. They will tell you if it is possible to reprogram bios chip or you need to buy new motherboard.
  10. Try wipes for skin cleaning for babies and check if it can help.
  11. If laptop have recovery partition try to reinstall windows from it. If this is fresh install then it seems there is problems with outdated or incompatible drivers.
  12. Alienware laptops can run up to 32 GB of ram memory. But most of the games did not need that much. You can think about rams as hard disk drive. So if there is no what to keep in it there is no reason why to upgrade to larger capacity store. So 16 GB of ram I think is more than enough .
  13. Did you checked Aliexpress ? Just when searching try different words. Try write in search something like Alienware 17 battery . There is many different model batteries. I am find one I needed there. In worst scenario probably it is possible to rebuild old one. I am was thinking to open my old one to look whats inside. But when I am replaced my laptop battery with new one I am find that old battery is also good and problem is not the battery. Then replaced charger and now I have two , but my model is 17 r 3 from 2013 year.
  14. I would sugest that problem is dead chip in charger or motherboard which sends signal to tell that it is genuine from Dell or there is other problems in charger. Windows have build in hidden utility called Power Efficiency Diagnostics . To open it you should run command prompt as administrator and write command powercfg –energy Then after wait 60 seconds till it checks . When its done write other command energy-report.html It should open generated report in yours default browser. Here you will see warnings . In my report there is one which say Platform Power Management Capabilities:PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) Disabled PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) has been disabled due to a known incompatibility with the hardware in this computer. And this incompatible hardware is charger which is disabled and not charging battery but can run computer also with lowered settings . So there I am using other trick with free utility Trottlestop disabling Prochot . So now processor runs faster but not at its best. This trick fixing a little bit processor speed issues but other devices like internet card is not working as it should. So you can not play online games as it random disconnecting.Also it did not fix problem with battery charging . So if charger chip is dead it is enough to buy new , but if it is in motherboard chip dead then need new motherboard. So I think that there should be option to change this things in bios. Just I did not find yet how. Not sure if I find it at all.
  15. Is this unlocked bios support 2013 year Alienware or it supports only older systems ? Can it remove build in original bios compatibility checking for charger.
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