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Nvidia Geforce GTX 680m to 980m - Faulty GPU or problem with install?

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So I just received a 980m in the post and after installing it I was greeted by multiple system crashes on my Alienware m17xr4 and was unable to install new drivers.


Is there a step in the intallation process I missed? A bios setting I was supposed to change? The laptop is already set to UEFI mode in preperation for this and upon putting the old 680m back in the system it now works again. I have heard that I need to change INI files to install drivers but I expected it to at least function without large bugs such as these. Do you think that this GPU is faulty or have I done something wrong?


Thanks for any help you can give.


- M

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By the looks of those visual artifacts displayed on your screen, I'd try to take out the videocard, clean the pin contacts with isopropyl and a paper towel and try again. 


Also, make sure to replace the thermal paste or the gpu will over heat. 

Usually, those artifacts mean the gpu chip itself needs to be reflowed with a hot air gun. 

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