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Cyberpower p750dm-g bricked after fleshtool flashing(black screen) please, help.

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Hello, guys!

The situation is the following. I am a 3D artist and I work for a Ukrainian company. After the events in our country, most employees moved to safer cities, while the rest have to work remotely. I purchased a non-working Clevo p750dm-g from my hands. The reason for the inoperability is that the owner tried to flash the BIOS with coffee lake support, but something went wrong and he stopped showing the picture (black screen), but the laptop itself starts up, the fans spin, the keyboard lights up, the SSD heats up (too much). I tried flashing the bios using a USB programmer, but that didn't work. I would be very grateful if someone could help revive this car. It is imperative to return to the functional system at work.

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So, a few days later I managed to find and flash the BIOS for my laptop. But with one very strange condition. I have 2 sticks of 16gb ram. The laptop starts exclusively in single channel mode, that is, when the RAM is installed only in the 1st slot under the bottom cover and in 1st slot under the keyboard. When connected in 2-channel mode, the laptop does not boot up and the screen remains black.
 I understand that most of the gurus here are unlikely to come down from their clouds to help some ordinary person who pays taxes in order to somehow support his country in difficult times.
I also understand that this resource most likely already describes ways to solve my problem, but there are certain time difficulties and a language barrier for quickly combing through the branches.
 Therefore, I ask you to poke me with my nose in the branch I need. I'm not an electronics specialist, I'm just an artist with some knowledge of handling iron. I can do a lot with instructions. What I can’t do myself, familiar people in the service will help.
 Thanks for the polite silence.
Peace to you!

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