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Favorite MMO?


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Guild Wars 2 is definitely my favorite. I like purchasing the game once and not having to continue to pay for it every month. The world looks beautiful and the World vs World is a lot of fun. I spend most of my time in WvW and you can end up having several hundred people fighting. It's 3 servers vs each other. Its kind of like a week long tournament with the winning server getting some good rewards if you participated. Then it starts over again. Like I said.. definitely my favorite.

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SWTOR - I had promised myself I would never play an MMO then I watched one of my friends play at his house. I bought the digital download that night. The graphics are re okay but the story lines are awesome.

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Definitely Tera. I played other "true action" mmos like the elder scrolls online and wildstar.. Tera's the only one that has the perfect blend of hack 'n' slash for me :3. Not to mention it's absolutely gorgeous!!

If it's not "Action" based at it's core like how wow or guild wars aren't I can't play it for too long before I get bored.

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