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  1. Hey Klem, have you ever got to my vBios yet? Thanks in advance
  2. Here you go Thank you very much Klem GK104 07062015.zip
  3. Hello everyone, I am planning on flashing my V BIOS to my Nvidia graphic card with NVflash, but I'm uncertain what command should I be using when flashing. I found different multiple commands but I'm not sure which one would be the best one. 1) NVflash.exe -4 -5 -6 *.rom 2) NVflash.exe -6 *.rom 3) NVflash.exe *.rom Can someone maybe help me and guide me to the right path. =) thank you very much
  4. I have been wondering about this V-bios Flash and have questions for anyone to answer, 1) Will Flash your V-bios have any conflicts on future updates as to stop doing any Nvidia driver updates on the graphic card after flash? 2) By unlock and flashing the Vbios can the Nvidia driver updates re-lock and flash it to the original?
  5. Heroes & Generals is a first-person shooter and strategy video game in a World War II setting. its is a mass participation game, where the actions in the FPS-part of the game reflects into the strategy-part. The main part of the game is a team work, The survival and strategy part action of the game makes it alive and that's what brings it to a whole new level. try it and you just mite like it.
  6. amazingly, the Alpha from various perspectives fills in presently. The framework has been changed and advanced to permit it to play almost any present amusing game at 1920x1080 resolution with smooth edge rates. for $500 is more expensive than a PS4 or Xbone and i personally find the PS4 or Xbone is still a bit better then the Alienware Alpha, although its a great start. i would see a few reviews on it and wait a few generations before i buy one to see have its comes along.
  7. Runescape XD i Just remember kill lots of hours on that. they were some good times. =)
  8. Hello, my name is Ayman, my first gaming laptop is MSI GT70 and i know just enough about technology to get me in and out of trouble. XD
  9. I recommend to power the cooling pad by an external power adapter, to utilize the full power of the cooling pad without sacrificing a USB hub
  10. I have been playing Smite for a long time now. there are many Game Modes that will keep you interested and playing the games. ex. Arena , Assault , Conquest , Joust , Practice Modes , Siege and there is always a random one that i find the best. aside from that there are different gods that you can play as which makes the game cool. i truly love the gods voices as there sort of funny on a few.
  11. hello everyone, I am very interested to overclock my GTX870M on MSI GT70 laptop, because this card is not powerful enough for some of my 3D designing application and games. My laptop setup: MSI GT70-2PC Core i7-4800MQ GTX 870M 3 GB Currently i have overclocked to Core +101 and VRAM +433 but i haven't increase in performance as the GPU power Cap limiter or voltage is limiting the GPU power. I'm not sure how to increase voltage and/or power limiter in Kepler Bios Editor. Klem Can you please help me set up my vbios rom file? thanks
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