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R2 bluetooth driver problems

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i have the killer wireless card installed on my m14x r2, my bluetooth hasnt been working for a while and i just started to troubleshoot it but i havent had any luck. I believe the problem is that on my deice manager it shows for the bluetooth device the generic blurtooth devivce, ive tried installing the qualcomm atheros driver for bluetooth but i cant get it to start working, any ideas?

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I had this problem before, the problem started after I replace the MoBo and for some reason the new MoBo had a loose pin connector in the Wlan card, Dell had to send me a second MoBo to address the issue.

Before they sent me the first Mobo, they thought it was the Wlan card and sent me one, but it wasn't. I also later the Device Manager would show an Unknown Device + Generic BT.

I hope that is not a loose pin connector, but if it is... it's bad news. BTW the Generic BT you see in Device Manager is the Microsoft Driver included with the OS

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