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  1. I ordered a 330w and it did make a difference. My processor for one would not go into turbo mode when the gpu was working to its max however with this PSU it works at 3.3ghz. I am using Premas unlocked VBIOS also with the GPU running at 1.27ghz (thank you Prema) Very happy with results!!
  2. Hi all I have the above laptop listed in my title and was wondering, I currently have a 230/240w dell charger and wanted to know if I upgraded to a Dell 330w psu if I would be able to overclock more and if it may damage my board? Any advice would be great thanks
  3. This is excellent news!! thankyou so much This is excellent news!!! Hope you had a good time in your travels :-) I don't know why that it posted so many times??? my internet is playing up maybe haha
  4. I have seen modded vbios for Nvidia 980m 8gb but not for one for the Alienware 15 2015 model with Nvidia 980m 4GB onboard (soldered)
  5. Why is no one responding to this? Where are the modders???? please help with this
  6. Hi all. I have posted before on here afew times requesting unlocked Graphics bios for Alienware 15 laptop with GTX980m 4GB graphics but I think everyone must be away on holiday!!! :-) please can someone help with this. Many thanks. Any idea where Prima or svl7 are ?
  7. whats the best heatsink compound to use for alienware 15 model 2015?
  8. This is a request for Alienware 15 with Geforce GTX980m 4gb Graphics. I have been looking everywhere for an unlocked bios for this so i can unlock the GPU Core and increase the voltage Any help for anyone would be great let me know :-) Thanks
  9. That would be excellent!! when do you think you would get a chance to do the unlocked alienware 15 980m 4gb bios? it would be fantastic I know how much these chips are capable of. Ps I will buy you a beer!!
  10. Alienware 15 Geforce gtx980m 4gb... Any chance of unlocked bios for this model? Please let me know
  11. Hi I have a Alienware 15, 2015 model with Geforce GTX 980m 4gb Graphics. I am looking for an unlocked bios for it . I understand you can get the 8gb version on the first page but cant find one for mine? I have looked all over the web and cant find anything!!! Its driving me nuts!!! Any help would be great. Ps is the problem because it is soldered to the board?
  12. I have the new alienware 14 2013 model. Is this bios for this model? as i cant find the file anywhere on the dell website? Also i cant download your attatchment i think because i havent made enough posts? Slv7 is there any way you an mod the new alienware 14 bios? maybe a voltage mod on the gpu?
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