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  1. following the first step, when I run the .bat-file as admin the window blinks and nothing happens (right-click + 'run as admin'). I do not get a new file in the folder? Is the backup file in another location? Or does it only work on Win 8? Im on Windows 7 x64 with 3.05 BIOS.
  2. EDIT :: NVM, found out It's a M.2 bus and the PCI half-mini variant cost 3x more (nearly 900 DKK / 147 USD!) No way I'll pay that! Looks like it will be the AC3160 instead then.
  3. The only way for stable wifi on this piece of **** of a card, is to download the latest drivers directly from Intel. Bluetooth doesnt seem to be updated though...
  4. I just bought this card, but I'm unsure if its supported by linux without searching the web for some odd drivers? (If not, I wont put it in the machine since I need the 5 GHz)
  5. Did it work - a need to upgrade from my currently 6GB's...
  6. Does anyone know where it is possible to buy this ultrabay slot nowadays? Bought the laptop a few years ago and even then couldt I find anything without buying from ebay (no way ill do that)
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