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    I am interested in not wasting money on a super expensive laptop that would otherwise become quickly obsolete simply because the manufacturer would rather end support to make it easier to sell a newer machine.

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  1. Does anybody know if the P370em mainboard or (Prema) BIOS will support a 4k display? I see another Clevo model with a how-to for the 4k display upgrade with links to a 40pin connector adapter that seems to make it plug-and-play. It seems like this should also be feasible for the P370em given the pin connector is compatible and the OS and GPU both support 4k displays... (at least through the HDMI/DisplayPort). Here is the article that details the upgrade. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/how-to-upgrade-the-phoenix-clevo-p870dm-g-from-fhd-to-4k-picture-guide.787821/ Any thoughts?
  2. This pertains to the buggy dysfunctional Bluetooth driver for Realtek RTL8723 (Hardware ID: USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8723&REV_0200) If anyone else has been having a problem with getting a proper functioning Bluetooth driver to work with the P370em in Windows 10... I have found a really nice and stable driver that adds WAAAY more features! Here's how to do it... Step 1.) Download and install the driver package "Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba (v9.10.34(T)" Note this adds full 4.0+HS and all other Bluetooth feature imaginable! It's really NICE! It doesn't crash, and it's completely compatible! *There is one caveat... because you're not installing this on a Toshiba for which this was designed and licensed, it is only a 30 day trial driver, after which it will become dysfunctional... to fix this and have the driver in all it's glory forever... Step 2.) Run regedit as administrator, and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, SOFTWARE, Toshiba, BluetoothStack, V1.0, Mng Step 3.) In this folder create another DWORD value titled "TestVersion" and give it the hexadecimal value "1" Step 4.) Save, exit, done, enjoy the full (non-audit) driver software forever! I hope this helps someone. Thanks Toshiba for making an incredible BT driver!
  3. I was able to resolve the screen backlight problem for the Clevo P370em running a 7970m GPU in Windows 10!!! Re-installing these Sager & Clevo provided drivers, fixed this issue in W10: 1.) Completely uninstall ALL current/latest AMD HD 7970m Drivers. 2.) Clean the registry of all instances of the drivers... REBOOT. REPEAT. REBOOT. 3.) Install Sager-provided AMD 79070m driver package (for W8) (@ Sager website) 4.) Install Clevo-provided Hotkey driver (for W8) v8.0.103 (@ clevo website) 5.) Install the OLD Catalyst Control Center (which is bundled with the Sager 7970m driver package). Note: I am now in the process of individually updating AMD HD 7970m driver components while trying not to botch the core GPU driver and functionality. I will update again with findings. If anyone has any suggestions to fixing this problem an easier or more logical way, please let me know. Currently, Wireless Display doesn't work... Thanks.
  4. Hi, and thanks for hosting the only place for REAL answers for our machines beyond the manufacturer and vendors. I have recently inherited my younger brother's Clevo P370em, who passed away due to progression of a rare type of cancer. We built it together a few years ago for the portability of his heavy audio production needs... and when compared to other laptops, it was FAR superior, and seemed to be the most future proof. It was out of our budget, but we figured for it's reliability and power, it would pay for itself in the long run. This ended up being his last laptop. He was a musical genius, and made some great music through this machine as well as producing a lot of local bands. This laptop is really all I have left of him. It contains all of his unfinished works and custom audio-production settings. I hope to continue his work and legacy... and I will continue to evolve this machine and keep it alive. It's a part of the family. A couple days after he died, this laptop got handled by a lot of people interested in Nate's music (including Sony's music dept.) and it was inadvertently upgraded to Window 10 which broke a lot of functionality. I've spoken with XoticPC and Sager, about some of the many issues regarding this machine in Windows 10, all to no avail. I am a former IT (computer repairman) and have a lot of experience with hardware and end-user level software, but I am not a coder or programmer of any sort. I am dumb in that sense. The roll-back to W7 option is not available in recovery... So, the Windows 10 software/driver issues as well as other hardware upgrade concerns will be the bulk of my questions and notes here on this forum. Thank you to everyone here, Ray. (Nate O'Neill 07/17/1990 - 07/04/2016)
  5. Wow! I just installed this application... and it is AWESOME!!! Thanks for creating it! Audio Mode is incredible! Especially combined with MilkDrop2 on the display!!! ...and thanks for making it available off-site. This is running just fine on Sager-stock P370em, Sager Hotkey v-8.0.100, Windows 10.
  6. That must be a joke, since FN-1 toggles the touchpad... at least on my stock malfunctioning Win10 mess. (At least that hotkey works). :-/ (edit: I just read the other post about the Prema hotkey fan mod... It sure would be nice to download some of Prema's stuff. That would surely save this laptop.)
  7. Bumping an old post, I am also having the screen backlight brightness control issue in Windows 10. My P370em is running a single 7970m. I have updated to the latest AMD drivers and the latest CCC version. I have tried everything except going back to the original Sager-provided W8 drivers circa 2013. Can anyone shed light on this issue? Thanks.
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