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[Mod][Photoguide] CM Storm SF-19 dustfilter and anti-vibration mod by Simplified

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I modded my CM storm SF-19 to filter dust and to vibrate less.

The result turned out to be excellent.


Q: Will this block my airflow?

A: Not much, further down in the guide I am showing you the famous paper test after modification.

Q: Does the anti-vibration mod work well?

A: There will still be vibrations, but much less.

What do you need?

-Rubber tape

-Electical tape

-Mosquito net

The dustfilter mod

Step 1: Cut your mosquito net to fit the underneath of your cooler


Step 2: Tape it to the bottom of the cooler


The anti-vibration mod

Step 1: Cut your tape to the correct size.


Step 2: Wrap the plastic knobs with the rubber tape.


Step 3: Reattach the fans to the grill


step 4: Tape the mosquito net over the grill.


Airflow is still strong

As you can see in this picture, the paper is lifted quite high into the air. I am holding down one corner of the paper with a rubber hammock feet.



Just as a safety precaution

I am not responsible if any damage occurs

The End

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Cool idea! Let us see some pictures of the mosquito net after a couple of weeks, I wanna see how much dust it holds back.

Here is a picture after 2 days. Seems quite effective.


Edit: Sorry if this resulted in a double post, but my first reply did not show up.

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Great job and excellent follow up Simplified! So if you are a regular user maybe once a week.


Once a week should be fine. It depends on how dusty your room is. My computer is in a bedroom, so it is in general more dusty than an average room.

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AWESOME!!!! dont have any mosquito netting but i'll see if i can steal some of my wife panty hoses.

A nylon stocking will work. You can cut the nylon stocking and stretch it to fit the back of the cooler.

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@Simplified how that dust filter still working... I have a feeling anything you've caught with your filter you can safely say that you have prevented all that dust from entering you CPU and you fan compartments.

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Most of the dust is drawn towards the center.

I took 3 pictures of the net. Its about 10 days + since I cleaned it.

The net looks totally nasty with particles all over with extra much in the center of the fanpositions. This is taken with my phone camera, but on the 2nd picture the particles are rather visable.




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