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  1. Fucking_signup_BS

    Alienware m17x R4 - 1070 - Almost Successfull!

    I get 12k w the same setup. Did you download the Intel Extreme Tuning tool and check the current setting? Sometimes that gets set to like 30A cap instead of needed 112A.
  2. Fucking_signup_BS

    [GUIDE] Dell 330W Power Adapter Mod for the M17X

    The internal of the 330w PSUs seems to have changed. There was a post in another forum about making sure to ground the side of the ID chip to allow for the full 400W output of the 330W PSU using the 240W ID chip. Are you using Win10 or Win7 for the HDMI in?
  3. Fucking_signup_BS

    M17x (All revisions) OSD Icons by Nospheratu

    Does this work for Win10?
  4. Fucking_signup_BS

    [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    Has anyone sent you the latest BIOS for modding? Edit: sorry for the crass userId. Had towing incident today and not in the mood. If a kind mod could alter it, I would appreciate. Perhaps Ducking? (instead of the ban I probably deserve)

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