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Upgrading i7-3630qm to i7-3940XM


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What specific type of heatsink would I need in order for it to work? Can you show me some kind of image so I can get a better idea what to buy.
Maybe @J95 can share information about what heat sink he has in his M17xR4 with his 3940XM CPU.
how noticeable difference?
HUGE difference compared to 3630QM. See below.
Thanks man I completely forgot the XTU trick...With Flex 99 Pri 8191 booted up 1.55v but when stressed it still drops to 1.22v 67W, XTU 255W 56 255W no go, it seems the issue here is not Ivy voltages but the processor's default settings 68W 3.4GHz it won't override turbo settings so it could be locked somewhere, I'm only stressing the CPU so there's no GPU load involved NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-2960XM Processor,Alienware M17xR3 tried disabling Energy Efficient P-State but freezes at boot, there are plenty watchdog related settings... this one renders v. files 4.4GHz 86C-90C w/ modded double pipe heatsink, I can try my triple pipe mod project and give Ivy a chance :P but only after I'm certain that it wont work...

R3 Modded CPU/GPU/PCH heatsinks, 3DMark11.


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