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  1. Thanks J95 that did the trick.
  2. So you are saying don't open nvdmi.inf file and open nv_dispi.inf to make it work? By the way I own a Windows 7 Home premium so would the one on the reference setup you gave me work the same?
  3. Alright I will post the info when I get back from work.
  4. Hey Guys I just upgraded my Nvidia gtx 660m to 880m the problem is I can't get windows to recognize it in device manager it keeps showing up as Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. I was wondering if you guys can help me with this. Of course I did the steps the J95 told us told do but it still doesn't work. Doc3.doc
  5. What specific heat sink should I buy in order for the i7-3940xm to run correctly on my laptop? It would be a great help if someone send me a link where I could buy it for a reasonable price.
  6. What specific type of heatsink would I need in order for it to work? Can you show me some kind of image so I can get a better idea what to buy.
  7. I am trying to get the hidden bios settings that is on A11 I followed the your instructions of how to do it from the usb stick. The problem is it always sends me to windows 98 and nothing happens it just shows me a black screen with C:\\ on it.Is there something I am doing wrong?
  8. Is replacing an alienware m17x r4 easy because my resolution is 900p and I want the full 1080p. If it is easy how would you go about doing it instead of taking it to a professional that probably charges a lot of money to switch the lcd screen?
  9. When I went on ebay for the i7-3940xm it said my tpd had to be 55w but I only have 45w do i need something else for it to be replaced with no problems whatsoever? [h=2][/h]
  10. I am too trying to upgrade my 660m to 780m it would be nice of someone help me get started on how to do it.
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