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  1. how to explain? why? and this is something you can handle?
  2. Hi everyone! please tell me the driver installation will always be accompanied?
  3. yes...did everything you said
  4. Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) Disable Driver Signature hello! thank you for help. :confused:does not work. installation without drivers. what could be the reason? maybe I should remove the driver on intel? J95 - you're a magician!!! all works!!! within 4 hours attempts ... thank you so much I'm very happy
  5. Yes, yes...i did but work only with v.326.29 driver
  6. Hello! Thank you for you work! I have Alienware M17xR4 CPU 3710 Windows 8.1 radeon hd 7970m(Radeon hd7970m died) and updated graphics card to gtx 870m! (bought in the eBay) fulfilled all the above written and it worked!! BUT!!! I can not install drivers 337,50 and 337.88 ((( if I do string replacement sign inf* my 870m(PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1199&SUBSYS_05801028&REV_A1\4&13F92896&0&0008) then pass on in the installation process but the driver is not installed, the control panel only, but - Once this driver is suitable for installationdraiver v326.29 Windows 8 64bit | NVIDIA Mobile OEM - GeForce r326 series - LaptopVideo2Go Forums what I take steps to remedy the situation? and why is this happening? I understand that I will now only work gtx870m, what about Optimus? it does not affect its service life?
  7. Hurrah! got to understand! What a fool I am .... I remember this program, but mixed and confused all ... wow))) thank you very much
  8. thank you very much, waiting for new drivers
  9. Alienware M17x R4 Windows 8.1 after replacing the original file I got this warning(a referral was returned from the server.), the program does not work : (I did everything previously written, but I can not change the color of the backlight. Please help
  10. I understand you correctly, I need to replace the cooling system by replacing a more powerful processor?
  11. really want to know the continuation of this venture. Have to make [M17x R2] with AMD 7970M CrossfireX? my Alienware M17xR4 i-7 3720QM, AMD Radeon HD 7970M and I really want to raise performance in the game Battlefield 4. I tried to raise the graphics performance, but enough for 20 minutes, then the system has fallen and I returned to the initial setting ... I was advised to flash the bios for my card, but I can not find full instructions - how to do it correctly: (
  12. how can I make my video card 7970m to 8970m?
  13. how can I turn my 7970m to 8970m? or how it is possible to add capacity. probyval I make it through the msi, but no access to power lifting. the default is 850 and 1200, 3720 intel processor
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