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MSI GX740 upgrading RAM problem


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Bugii thanks for make it clear. Now I understand what you mean. But cpu-z shows this with my wonderfull new ram:


So my new memory can't run slower than 1333? Imho it can or cpu-z not show me the truth ;p.

BTW - Hyundai Electronics ;)

Strange. This one should be fine.

I had exactly the same issue as you do on msi 16f1 - 15" version of your laptop (i5 460m PM55 chipset) and the problem was the memory modules as I described.

Try to get unlocked bios and set memory frequency manually to 1066MHz.

Also, make sure you are using just 2 memory slots! My GT660 has 3 memory slots but I can use only 2 of them (doesnt matter which 2 of the 3 I have, but as soon as I stick a memory into 3rd slot, its crashing - i5 460m supports only 2 slots) 3x 2GB leads to BSOD, 2x 4GB works OK.

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Never to use the program CPU-Z for determine memory profiles! This program do not shows JEDEC profiles correctly! Do not look at the page SPD of this program, it shows there is a lie (it knows even the author of this program), look only the page "Memory"! Correctly shows JEDEC only the program Thaiphoon Burner and AIDA 64. Thaiphoon Burner better.

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