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  1. Bugii thanks for make it clear. Now I understand what you mean. But cpu-z shows this with my wonderfull new ram: 20131024_190408.jpg So my new memory can't run slower than 1333? Imho it can or cpu-z not show me the truth ;p. BTW - Hyundai Electronics
  2. One memory gives errors too. Ok, i won't change bios I'm using cad programs to calculate construction and i see, that 4gb isn't enough. I will try to change memory again. Thanks for help miron
  3. Fake or not, it should work. This ram is from msi ge70 and of course the same symptoms: <a href=http://zapodaj.net/4fcbb3ba65c10.jpg.html>20131028_192721.jpg</a> On ge70 this memory works great. But it have core i7 ;p Someone flased unlocked bios on gx740?
  4. Tested on memtes86, and it shows errors after about 3 minutes. So it isn't windows fault. Before this 8 chip 8GB, i have 16 chip 8GB. Foto: <a href=http://zapodaj.net/d66b73342efc9.jpg.html>20131016_142551.jpg</a> And also do not work. Why? I can flash unlocked bios, but if i change timings will be some result? In zip file with unlocked bios for msi gx740 is 1 file, and instruction says that i need 3 files, so i how many files i need to flash it? Thanks for help
  5. Ok, but my old memory is 10600S too and windows works properly. So what?
  6. On old memory: Old ram.jpg On new memory the same freq and timings
  7. That's my memory: 20131016_142514.jpg 20131016_142609.jpg and that's what i bought: 20131024_184009.jpg 20131024_184019.jpg My bios in locked, so i cannot change memory settings..
  8. Hi. I'm Tobiasz. I have nb msi gx740, core i5, ati hd5870, 4GB ram, 500GB HDD. Good machine, but i found some problem with ram
  9. Thanks for answer. I have already replaced memory from 16 chip to 8 chip 2x4 GB, but still the same problem. I will try your method tommorow.
  10. Hi guys. I'm using MSI GX740 with core i5 m460 and 4GB RAM. I bought 8GB (2x4GB PC3-10600S from samsung) and it didn't work. I mean win7 starts normally but not work stable - blue screen and restart. New memory is ok - i've tested it on MSI GE70. Bios udated to 1.0F from msi site. Any ideas why it isn't work properlY? Maybe i need to use unlocked bios?
  11. Hi guys. I bought new memory for my nb MSI GX740 with core i5 m460 processor. I have 4GB (2x2GB) of RAM and i bought 8GB (2x 4GB) ddr3 (PC3-10600S), but it isn't work. I mean win7 starts normally, but it is unstable - blue screen etc. I have already installed actual bios - 1.0F from MSI website, but new memory still not work properly. Any ideas why? I have checked it on GE70, and new RAM is ok.
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