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Locating modded VBIOS's for a GTX 660M


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I've been testing different speeds on my core clock and memory clock, and I seem to have found my card's breaking point. My GPU's voltage maxes out at 1.100, but I can keep my temps under 60 degrees Celsius. I know that if I can volt it a little more, I can get a bit of performance without having my chip melt. My voltage is locked, but I know that a modded VBIOS would solve that problem. The only problem is, I can't find any database or list or site containing any. Does anybody have a go-to site that hey trust to help me out? Thanks in advance :tranquillity:. Specs: CPU - i7 - 3630QM 2.4Ghz-3.2Ghz Turbo; GPU: Geforce GTX 660m; RAM: 8GB GDDR5; Main Drive: 64GB SSD; Slave Drive: 750GB HDD; Notebook Model: G75V; OS: Windows 8

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I believe it's possible to have the VRMs overheat when overvolting long before the processor core, it's not possible to tell as there's no temperature sensor for these but be careful and don't push the voltage too high

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